Summary of Asia



Kasha- from buckwheat, also used other grains.

Zakuska (appetizers), such as smoked salmon, pickled herring, fish in aspic, and slices cold meats.

Caviar- the pocessed, salted roe (eggs) of large fish.

Schi- (cabbage soup) one of the most popular russian soups.

Borscht- (beet soup) can be thin and clear or thick with chunks of beets and other vegetables.

Beef stroganov- made with tender strips of beef, mushrooms, and a seasoned sour cream sauce.

Paskha- a rich cheesecake.

Kulich- a tall, cylindrical yeast cake filled with fruits and nuts.

Chicken kiev- pounded chicken breasts wrapped around pieces of sweet butter.

Chakhokhbili- stewed chicken with tomatoe sauce, onions, vinegar, wine, peppers, and olives.


the pocessed, salted roe (eggs) of large fish


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Schi (cabbage soup)

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Chicken kiev

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