What will an NCAE Membership do for me?

NCAE Provides the Following to Its Members

Advocating for You and Your Career

NCAE is in the business of advocating for you and your career. When you join the North Carolina Association of Educators, you'll immediately have access to advocates and programs to help you reach your professional goals. We value professionalism, shared responsibility, and collective action, and we work for equal access to a quality public education and to promote respect for diversity.

Promoting Excellence in Education

NCAE is doing its best to fight the current direction North Carolina legislators have taken in regard to education. The NCAE staff has lobbied tirelessly to advocate for funding, pay increases, and support for public education, and will continue to organize events and efforts with the help of its members to combat the onslaught of attacks to our education system.

NCAE also offers professional advice, training and other assistance related to current issues of instructional quality such as teacher evaluation, teacher mentoring, benchmark tests and high school qualifying exams is available to you. It is just a click or phone call away.

Protecting Your Career

The Advocacy Call Center and professional representation is available to you for employment related issues to advise and/or represent employees. Educators Employment Liability Insurance of up to $1 million with an aggregate of $3 million per occurrence.

Building Community Support

NCAE works Year-round to communicate our message about the value of public education using many forms of media. Building coalitions among school employees, parents and the public on key issues such as school safety, bullying, and now, the current issues facing us in North Carolina are of paramount importance. We must work together to change our state's direction.NCAE Lobbies for funding and other decisions that affect our schools year round.

Other Member Services

Discounts through NEA Member Benefits for a wide range of services, including insurance programs, investment opportunities, credit cards, loans and publications are available to members. An Attorney Referral Program is available to members, which offers reduced charges on personal legal matters. NCAE magazine comes to your door monthly.

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