Guide for Conference Presenters

Continuing the Conversation with Social Media

The best presentations feel like a conversation between speakers and audience. In the age of social media, your presentation might attract people who aren't even attending the conference! Social media can make you a part of this extended conversation.

Before Your Presentation

  • Decide on the social media sites you will use.
  • Create an efficient hashtag for your presentation content and publish it in advance.
  • Including the conference tag (#masslib16) will bring it to the attention of conference staff and prospective attendees.

During your presentation

  • Include your social media information in your opening slides.
  • Encourage your audience to post comments and questions online, letting them know you will review and respond later.
  • Schedule posts to publish content to social media during your presentation.

After your presentation

  • If a recording of your presentation is available, post a link to all your social media channels.
  • Review comments and questions and respond.
  • Incorporate feedback into your next presentation!
Adapted from Texas Library Association Conference Program Committee materials.