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Our classroom stresses the importance of working at one's full potential. The students are given opportunities to do their personal best during every activity. In order to determine your child's needs, continuous assessment takes place. All activities are designed so that every student in our classroom is working at a challenging and rewarding level. Throughout the school year, I promote working together to create an open teacher-parent-student communication relationship. I feel it is in your child's best interest if we work together and stay in contact with one another in order for him/her to be successful! Feel free to navigate the Blevins Broadcast at your convenience where you will find classroom news, slideshows, upcoming events, our week at a glance, a note from the teacher, and other pertinent information.

Check out Haley and Lucas as this week's News Anchors!

Haley and Lucas 1/23/15

Upcoming Events!

1/26 No School - Teacher Workday

1/28 Spelling Bee

1/30 Cat's Club! And Report Cards sent home!

2/6 Glow Party! 3-7 p.m.

2/9 PTO Meeting in Central's Library @ 6:30 p.m.

2/13-2/16 No School! Mid-Winter Break

Thank you Popcorn Parent Helpers!

I would like to give a special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Provost (Mikey's parents), Mrs. Bates (Ella B.'s mom), and Mrs. Bard (Lauren's mom) for helping out our class with Popcorn Sale today! we appreciate all your hard work and dedication to helping our class!

Our Week at a Glance


We have also continued to practice, "My Favorite No!" Students will continue to gain essential understanding when fixing problems they got wrong. We have discovered how to divide fractions! We learned multiple ways on how to divide fractions. Some of them are using repeated subtraction, number line hopping, and switching to the reciprocal! Ask your 6th grader what a reciprocal is! Next week, we will continue to power through Topic 9 practicing these new strategies. Please assist your child a little bit everynight on their homework. A little bit goes a long way!

Social Studies

This week, we studied Ch. 5, Sec. 3: People Effecting the Environment. We have positive and negative effects on the environment. Ask your 6th grader what they are! Next week, we will review Chapter 5 and take the test on Friday, January 30th.

Writing and Grammar

We discovered our topics for our letters of complaint and we learned the proper researching technique. Next week, we will continue to research to gain facts of evidence to support our claims. Next week, we will be choosing our topic and begin writing our letters. We also began using GOOGLE CLASSROOM with the classroom set of Chrome Books for our writing prompts! Students need to be familiar with using the Chrome Books due to the M-STEP test (the new MEAP) being online this spring. In grammar, students are learning how to capitalize titles, names, and proper nouns. We will continue studying these topics next week.

Word Study

Today we took the "flect, flex = bend" quiz today. Next week, we will be studying the new Greek Root Word(s) "frail, fract, frag = break; shatter." The word study lists are starting to become more challenging, please remind your child to study a little bit every night to prep for the quizzes on Fridays. The lists for each week may be found on my webpage under the Word Study tab. Quizzes are always on Friday. Please remember to use Login as...username: centralcats password: flushing.


We are on Ch. 4 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. Chapter 1-2 quiz was on Tuesday and the average score was a 97%! Throughout the novel, we have been studying key vocab terms, connections, and setting/plot. Next week, students will focus more on vocabulary with prefixes/suffixes as well as characterization. There will be a Ch. 3-4 quiz on Wednesday. Students received their two Monthly Reading Logs for the month of January. One is an "At Home Reading Log." Students need to complete and fill out the log after reading 20 minutes everyday. The same rule applies for their "At School Reading Log." They are responsible for filling this out after IDR/Daily 4 time in class. Both are DUE on Monday, February 2nd with a parent signature. They are also available on my teacher webpage for your reference. We have built better stamina time coming back from break and we are continuing to build on top of that time every day!

Valentines Day Roller Skating Permission Slip

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Students received a Valentines Day Roller Skating Permission Slip this week. It needs to be signed and returned with $8.00 by Monday, February 9th. I appreciate your promptness in this matter. Thank you!
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6th Grade Promotion Flyer

This flyer was sent home last Friday in regards of 6th Grade Promotion. If you are willing to volunteer your time, please return the bottom portion of the flyer to me (Mrs. Blevins) as soon as possible. Thank you!
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Cat's For A Cure!

This October, Mrs. Blevins and the 6th grade team promoted a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. This school wide event involved a D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read), and a t-shirt sale. We made over $500 for the ACS! We fight for a cure together!
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*Google Classroom*

We are starting our very own "Google Classroom!" Please review the document posted below to remind your 6th grader how to join. Students have been practicing how to sign in and turn-in assignments this week. This is an awesome tool for students to complete assignments that I assigned online. This new wave of assigning homework, projects, tests, and quizzes is an exciting experience! This document was sent home in Friday Folders for your reference.
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