The law as a Carreer

Julia Bruns

Structure of a Law Firm

Managing Partner: Works with the executive director, the Profession Resources Director, Practice Group Leaders, Committees with other key roles in the firm that impact the services given to clients, morale, administration, the growth and integration of the firm and the development of the professionals and staff. Managing Partners have a leadership approach for their firm. Keeps the firm professional. A very important job.

Partner: Partial owners of the law firm. Law firms look a lot better if they have a partner. Profits and losses are shared proportionally.

Associate: A lawyer that works for the law firm but they don't own it.

The Role of a Litigation Attourney

-conduct initial case investigation to determine evidence that exists to defend a potential suit.

-settle situation before a lawsuit is filed

-draft pleadings on behalf of defendant/ plaintiff. Investigate allegations.

-exchange of relevant information between the parties

-examine physical evidence

-craft a trial theme. strengths and weaknesses.

-engage in negotiations, create agreements.

-Initial case investigations







What I learned from our visitor...

She wanted to be a lawyer because she's a control freak, and because she likes politics and wants to have an influence on them. She also loved the arguing.

She has been a lawyer for ten years and she wouldn't change a thing if she was able to change her career path.

She likes her law firm as it is very understanding. But sometimes she doesn't like how much work there is.

She thinks that some lawyers are ambulance chasers, and that makes them scumbags. She wants to be a good lawyer that doesn't chase ambulances.

I learned the difference between a DA and a lawyer- a DA is a lawyer, and a lawyer is just a general licence.

I learned that the first step in starting in the legal career field is to find a job. It took her many years of schooling to become a lawyer, but she didn't have to take the BAR exam. She still has debt from school, because she took out a 30 year loan. She makes a lot of money. It is her biggest fear that she will wrongfully sentence someone and they will spend a long horrible time in jail. She disagrees with her clients all the time.

There aren't very many happy endings as a lawyer.

Cyber Law

-legal issues related to the use of the internet

-Some leading topics include internet access and usage, privacy, freedom of expression, and jurisdiction.

-Areas like gambling, child pornography, and fraud are regulated in very similar ways online as off-line.

-also deals with how information can and cannot be transmitted across the internet.

-Domain right attourneys, internet law lawyers, Website legal audits, E-Commerce Law, all exist in cyber law.