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Vote Leadership. Vote Change. Vote Meghan.

What is MAVO?

MAVO is a political party that leans to the right of the political spectrum.
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What Do We Believe?

NATIONAL DEFENSE - MAVO believes that a strong military is important; however, when there is no national need, America does not need to unnecessarily fund it.

ENVIRONMENT - Preservation would protect the natural environment as well as create jobs for Americans. The nation should start looking towards alternate sources of energy such as wind, solar, hydro, etc.

EDUCATION - We feel strongly about providing every child with an education unique to them. We do not believe in Common Core and standardization among diverse students. We also believe that if our taxes are going anywhere, it should be towards college education, for it is becoming entirely too expensive for something that important.

TAXATION - MAVO supports tax cuts for the middle and lower class but not for the wealthy. America needs more people that can live off of their income. Taxes should be based on economic need.

Who Is Meghan?

Meghan is an acclaimed Lawyer from California who will strive to put the needs of the citizens first and to do her job as a leader in a just manner.
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