Parkway Pawprint May 9, 2016

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Principal ~ Krista Barton-Arnold

Assistant Principal ~ Nicole Bailey

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From the desk of Mrs. Arnold...

I hope you enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Week! As we move into the final push before SOLs, we are looking closely at he data and reallocating resources to students and classes in the greatest need.

We are going to try an activity with Mr. Ballowe's class and Mrs. Dzerngeleski's class, for a couple of days next week. We are going to separate by gender and switch up the instruction, change the dynamics and focus on strengths. I am not sure how many days we will do this, but specialists should plan for Mr. Ballowe's class being all boys and Mrs. Dzengeleski's class being all the girls for next week.

This is NOT a consequence for poor behavior but a strategy we are implementing to try and energize the students and staff, for a final push. We are not making any changes in Synergy since this is just a temporary activity, a regrouping for instructional purposes.

Any help you can give in adjusting your instruction to be gender specific for these 2 classes.

Research Spotlight on Single-Gender Education

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Week at a Glance

May 9 ~ PAC Mtg.

May 11~ National Nurse Day


May 12 ~ KG Fieldtrip to the Zoo 9:15-1:45PM

~ Junkman Performance in Gym - 9-10AM

Parkway Household News!

May Birthdays

Krista Arnold 3

Michele Clements 3

Meaghan Mosher 4

Kathleen Beazley 5

Tamera Woolard 12

James Cooper 21

Penny Friedman 24

Reneka Evans 25

Patricia Beigay 26

Theresa Britt 29


Family Engagement Dates to Remember

June 2 PTA Board Meeting 5:30PM


Michelle Garner, Technology Support Technician

CORRECTING “NO LOG IN SERVERS” ERROR – Every once in a while, we see this message, especially when students or staff are trying to log into a laptop and occasionally, a desktop. A quick fix on laptops that works 9 out of 10 times: Press the wireless button once to turn the wireless OFF (orange light). Wait 10 seconds. Press the wireless button to turn it back ON (white or blue light). Wait an additional 20 seconds. Have the student attempt to log on again. If this does not work, connect the laptop to a network cable, log into, and after the desktop comes up, turn the wireless off and on again as indicated above. If you see the wireless bars in the system tray, you are successful. If neither of these work, submit a Service Desk ticket on the laptop, and move the student to another laptop.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SCHOOL LAPTOPS AND WIRELESS NETWORKS: VBCPS Laptops should only be connected to VBCPSNet. Please do not connect them to VBCPSChannel or VBCPSPR. If you connect them to something other than VBCPSNet, you will also get the no log in servers message. Let the TST know if you are connected to something besides VBCPSNet on a school laptop.

Children's Books for ESL Students

Katie Clark is collecting gently used children's books for ESL students to read over the summer. They can be placed in her mailbox or in the basket in Room 38.

Thank you!

Selfie Stick Hand-Off

Mrs. Wagner........I would like to thank Michelle Littman for honoring me with Parkway's Selfie Stick. Michelle is a dedicated, creative teacher who has always been willing to help any time she has been asked.

I have chosen another dedicated teacher to receive this award.....Rich Barger! She is not only an amazing friend and colleague but is devoted to her students. Her energy and creative ideas go beyond anything that I have seen. She too is an asset to Parkway Elementary!


Thank you, thank you, thank you.. for making my birthday one to remember. I certainly enjoyed your many acts of kindness, words of cheer and unique gifts.! ~Krista ~

Word of the Week

Exemplary extremely good; deserving to be admired or copied


We congratulated the class on their exemplary behavior in the cafeteria.


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