Greece & Rome

Learn about their contributions and architecture!

Greek Contributions

One of the many Greek contributions to modern society is the famous Olympic Games. This series of athletic contests were originally in honor of the gods. The first Olympics Game was held in 776BCE for the god Zeus. Other major Greek contributions include pottery, columns, drama (comedy, tragedy), geometry, medicine, astronomy, and the roots of many English words used today.

Roman Contributions

Some of greatest Roman contributions are the efficient highway, the Roman alphabet, festivals, three course meals, and many architectural styles (arches, columns, domes, scultpures, etc.).
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Greek Government

Ancient Greece had many different types of government due to their many city-states. Every city-state had a different government that people's ideas changed overtime. Aristotle (A Greek philosopher and scientist) divided the different governments into monarchies, tyrannies, oligarchies, and democracies. Occasionally the city states had the same sort of government such as in the Late Bronze Age when they all seemed to be Monarchies.
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Roman Government

Unlike the Greek government, the Roman Government was mostly the same. It was a strange mix of a democracy and a republic . Like the United States government, the Romans did not want one man making all of the laws, so they had three three branches, legislative, judicial, and executive.
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