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September 19 - Week 4

Key Information (the Nuts and Bolts)

Looking Ahead


  • 19th - Open House for grades 6 and 7
  • 20th - Topaz Team to Winding Trails & Department Supervisor Mtg 8:30-10am
  • 22nd - Ruby Team to Camp Slofer
  • 23rd - 6th Grade Chinese students to CCSU
  • 23rd - Amethyst Team to Riverfront Recapture
  • 26th - Open House for grade 8
  • 27th - PLEC & Middle School Department Meeting

Where in the world is KP Admin

9/22 - Joy at Leadership with Justin & Marc joining Leadership at 1PM

KP Admin Team Message for Families Regarding Open House

Open House

Mandated Reporting Assessment - Please Complete (click button below)

Two Reminders:

  • The hard copy of the faculty handbook regarding the protocol for confidentiality is correct.
  • The state guidelines for how long someone has to report an absence was updated. See here for FAQs

Student Safety & Mandated Reporting Assessment Due 9/26

This quiz is required to document staff understanding of student safety protocols.

The admin team visited 40 classrooms last week

During Joy's classroom visits, she noticed students:

  • practicing their math facts through gamification. Who knew math bingo could be so much fun?
  • sharing their world language knowledge through benchmark assessments. Someone as an awesome futbol announcer voice.
  • preparing to read The Outsiders through discussions about equity. I couldn't believe the careful listening I witnessed when peers shared their thoughts.
  • in science practicing their metric measuring skills .
  • sharing their knowledge of the vocal system and demonstrating their understanding of Solemnization.
  • learning about the wonders of the KP library and sharing excitement about the new books they could place on hold and the new maker space opportunity.
  • discussing and analyzing poetry through a colored coded protocol.
  • sharing their thoughts on the 5 themes of geography.
  • students planning, constructing and testing the capacity of aluminum foil boats to hold the maximum amount of pennies
  • practicing reflexive verbs in Spanish
  • multiplying fractions and showing mental models.
  • writing about the characters in their independent reading novels.
  • enjoying the opportunity to learn about one another and their teachers as they continue to build their community.

Staying in the Know and Connected (Big Rock 3)

Team Leader (TL) Meeting Minutes for 9/15/2016

These are minutes from our full team leader meeting. While TLs return and share information with teams, we share these for those who may have been absent and for those who are not able to attend team meetings due to their teaching schedule.

Welcome our new staff to KP. Be sure to say hello! (Round 3) - Click on the picture to learn more.



Please consider contributing to CHEER this year ($30 full time/$20 part time). Checks or cash may be placed in Gina Pudlo's box. Thank you.


Susanne shared the 16-17 KP NEWS SHARED Google file. Lots of valuable information at your fingertips! If you would like something added, please send Susanne an email.

The KP Family Connection -- For those who want to see what families see

Big Rock: Staff Wellness


  • Kate Kiesewetter from colleague Eric Fisher for ensuring one of our students on the Ruby Team had an extremely successful science experience during a recent class activity. Thanks Kate!
  • Rachael Medina from colleague Eric Fisher for pushing through complete schedule change for one of our students on Friday morning that helped him begin the day on a positive note. Thanks. Eric
  • Rachael Medina from colleague Christine Gagnon. She has been a huge help to myself and the rest of the school counseling staff. She also has been showing me the ropes with the copier machine, which has been great.

Passing of the Big Rocks for the week of 9-13-9-20

As a community, we want to recognize the ways our colleagues live out our Big Rocks. Each person who receives the assigned rock is asked not only to showcase it, but also to observe your colleagues to see who is living out the tenents of the big rock that week. At the end of the week (on Tuesday morning) please share with Susanne (and Joy) who you are passing it on to so that we can share it out. With about 34 full weeks and 3 people being recognized per week, we have the opportunity to pass the rocks to 102 different colleagues this year.

Community Engagement was passed to Shana Lapointe from colleague Joy Wright For actively building relationships with families through your involvement this summer through the work with the PTO. When the call came, you always seemed to answer. Thank you for living out our big rock of Community Engagement in tangible ways.

Student Success was passed to Eric Fisher by colleague Justin Gusy for taking the time to connect with students and families in tangible ways as seen in the way you welcomed new students to KP and your team.

Staff Wellness Becca Lewis from colleague Marc Kotler for creating and implementing a scavenger hunt activity permitting teams to collaborate, to bond and most importantly to laugh.

MA Video Resource -- thanks to Rona Berkowitz

NPR's Brief But Spectacular clips....the ones that are appropriate for middle school students.

Because we need to laugh!

Start your day off right...
Hashtags: #MyTeacherIsWeird

Fun updates via Remind -- Allows me to use a tech tool and you to explore one from the "student" end

There are 3 ways to receive messages on Remind. You can receive messages via text, email, or push notification (or any combination of these).

To join a class on Remind, you have lots of options! You can sign up directly via text/email, head to our website, or download the Remind app.

  1. Text
    • Join directly via text:
      Participants text a class @code to a Remind Phone Number. For US teachers, the Remind number is 81010. For example, to join our staff remind class you would text @16kpstaff to 81010
    • Join online:
      Visit and enter the class code (@16kpstaff) there along with your phone number.
  2. Download the Remind app
    Remind is available on iOS and Android devices. Anyone can download Remind, create an account and join a class quickly(tap the + next to Classes Joined) by using a class @code (@16kpstaff) or search for your teacher's class. (Download Remind)
  3. Email
    • Join online:
      Visit and enter the class code (@16kpstaff) and your email address.
    • Join from your inbox:
      Send a blank email to You'll get a response with further instructions. Send a blank email to @16kpstaff