Lynryd Skynyrd

Hard Rock


A couple of high school friends created the group called Leonard Skinnered, mocking their gym teacher who strictly enforced the school policy of no long hair on guys. Throughout the years, many people dropped out and joined the band. They changed their name from Leonard Skinnered to The Noble Five, then to the One Percent. Then they decide they would stick with Lynryd Skynyrd. They rose to fame with their songs "Freebird" and "Sweet Home Alabama". Some their careers/life's ended quickly when their plane crashed in 1977. This quickly ended their career. After a few years of recovery they started playing again
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The band Lynyrd Skynyrd grew famous when they came out with the songs "Sweet Home Alabama"-1974 and "Freebird"-1973.

Top Songs


"Sweet Home Alabama"

"Simple Man"

"Gimme Back My Bullets"

Whiskey Rock-A-Feller"

"Double Trouble"

"Mama's Song"

Top Albums

Street Survivors


God & Guns

The Last Rebel


Characteristics Of Hard Rock

Electric Guitars, Bass. Drums

Bigger band

Often features piano

Aggressive vocals


Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

SHMRG "Freebird"

S- main vocals, bass, piano, electric guitars, drums

H-bass, piano,electric guitar, drums

M- main vocals


G- moderate-fast

intro-verse 1-chorus-interlude- verse 2-chorus-interlude-outro


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