Southwood School

January 2018

The Learning Expo: Celebrating Our Stories

Every year, Southwood School hosts a Learning Expo at the end of March. This year our school will be exploring seven different cultures including Filipino, German, Indian, Indigenous, Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese to discover the stories that make up our community.

We’ll be answering questions such as:

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?
  • Who can help me?

  • Where am I going?

We hope to learn and hear stories from community members from these cultures. If you are a parent who considers yourself a knowledgeable person in your culture and would like to share an age-appropriate story with Southwood students in a classroom setting, please email Mrs. Martin (

Ideas for a story might include:

  • Your family's immigration story

  • A tradition that is important to your family

  • An arts piece and the meaning around it (music, dance, drama, visual art, etc.)

  • A food dish and the story around it.

During this evening the gym will host a stage where our students can demonstrate their learning through performing arts as well as potluck style food stations. If you’d like to partner with us in this way, please email Mrs. Martin!

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We Need Your Help!

We care about the polar bears who live in Manitoba and they need our help! Over the holidays please hold onto your old batteries and send them to school January 7th-11th.

Mrs. Steinhilber's grade one class will be collecting batteries to help the polar bears through the Call 2 Recycle pick up depot at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

There will be a donation box located in the front foyer by the office.

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Protocol for Addressing Concerns

Students aren’t always going to get along, and conflicts are a normal part of childhood. In fact, learning how to resolve issues on our playgrounds and in our classrooms can teach many social skills, including empathy and sharing.

At Southwood School, we use a variety of student centered and classroom wide interventions to support students when dealing with conflict. We also understand that issues of conflict come home to you as the parents and guardians. When this occurs and there are concerns or questions that need addressing, we ask that parents and guardians follow the protocol below when addressing these concerns.

Generally speaking, a parent should start with the person most directly involved with the concern. For example, if you have a concern with something that took place in the classroom, you would speak first to the classroom teacher. Understanding the line of communication in Manitoba schools is essential in working to resolve a concern in a school community. This line of communication should be followed in this order:

1. Classroom Teacher (Responsible for providing educational programming and working with parents to achieve that goal)

2. Principal (Responsible for running the school and overseeing the learning environment including safety, discipline of students, and care and maintenance of the building)

3. Superintendent (Responsible for providing leadership in all matters relating to education in the school division)

4. School Board (Responsible for determining school policy and overseeing its implementation. The divisional school board is generally accepted as the ‘final word’ on school division concerns)

5. Education Administration Services/Dispute Resolution Coordinator (Education Administration Services can provide assistance to parents on government policy and legislation. The Dispute Resolution Coordinator assists parents with concerns involving programming and placement for students with IEPs)

Resource: A Guide To Addressing Concerns in Manitoba Schools (p.12)

Working Together: A Guide to Positive Problem Solving for Schools, Families and Communities

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What is bullying? What is it?


  • Everyone is having fun

  • No one is getting hurt

  • Everyone is participating equally


  • No one is having fun

  • There is a possible solution to the disagreement

  • Equal balance of power


  • Someone is being hurt on purpose

  • Reaction to a strong feeling or emotion

  • An isolated event (does not happen regularly)


  • Attacked physically, socially, and/or emotionally

  • Unequal balance of power

  • Happens more than once over a period of time

  • Someone is being hurt on purpose

NEW! Online Registration for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Registration for the 2019-20 school year will open on January 7, 2019. The registration process will take place online at If you do not have access to the Internet, please visit our school (after registration has opened), and we will assist you in completing the registration form on a school computer.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to register their children as soon as possible upon the opening of registration, or by mid-February at the latest. Registering early will assist our school in preparation and planning for the upcoming school year. Early registration also provides parents/guardians with the opportunity to participate in upcoming 2019-20 orientation activities.

Children must be five years of age on or before December 31, 2019 to be eligible for 2019-20 registration, and are required to attend the school within the catchment area in which they reside.

Please visit the divisional website at for complete details and instructions.

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Southwood Kindergarten Music

Southwood Kindergarten singing a lovely winter song called "The Snow Carol" Arranged by Audrey Snyder.

Southwood School

SW Kindergarten Song by Southwood School
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Jan 7 - First day of classes

Jan 7 - Kindergarten Registration Opens for Fall 2019 (online)

Jan 11 - Assembly @ 2:00 p.m.

Jan 25 - Assembly @ 9:08 a.m.


Feb 1 - Admin/PD Day - NO SCHOOL

Feb 8 - Assembly @ 12:10 p.m.

Feb 15 - Kindergarten Report Cards go home

Feb 18 - Louis Riel Day - NO SCHOOL

Feb 19 - Assembly @ 9:08 a.m.

Feb 21 - Admin/PD Day - NO SCHOOL

Feb 22 - HTA Day - NO SCHOOL

Feb 25 - Mar 15 - Chocolate Sale Fundraiser