Sprained Ankle

Auston Cymbalisty

An exerpt from my memoir

So one day I was beginning to skateboard and I had went to Soul Ride Skate park. There were a lot of ramps and half pipes. I had tried to drop in the first time and I forgot to lean my shoulders in and I had sprained my ankle. I was stupid and kept trying to walk on it then I had kept falling. Then I started to try lying down on the board and then kept trying to ride down and hurt my foot.

Memoir. continued

I was done with skateboarding for a while. I had learned that I had tried to do something that I couldn’t do when I first attempted it. I had needed more practice. I started by riding down driveways and see if I could handle that then I had worked my way up to ramps. I eventually knew how to do tricks. But I couldn’t skate for over a week. I had to just sit in bed for over 3 days because I couldn’t put pressure on my foot or ankle. I probably shouldn’t have used a Walmart board. That’s my memoir about how I sprained my ankle.