Covid 19 - Update

News and Updates - May 11, 2020

Senior Cap & Gown and Jostens order pick-up

Things to Know:

Please follow these specific social distancing guidelines for pick-up!

*Times/dates have been designated based on student's last name (See below)

1.) Pull your vehicle into the bus loop and form a line starting at the main entrance doors. (DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE).

2.) Display your last name on a piece of paper in the passenger side front window.

3.) Someone will bring your order to your car.

4.) If you owe a balance, your items will not be able to be given to you until it is paid. Please have CASH or MONEY ORDER (made out to Jostens). We can not accept checks or debit/credit cards. Someone will call you on Tuesday (5/12/20) to let you know if you have a balance due.

Friday Night Lights - Honoring our Class of 2020

Locker Clean Out & Materials Pick-up / Return

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Things to Know:

  • Times have been designated based on student's last name in order to limit the number of people in the building at any one time (See below)
  • Only parents/guardians will be allowed in the building.
  • Anyone entering the building will need to have a face covering.
  • Parent or guardian will need to have locker number and combination to access student belongings.
  • Enter through the main office doors - Access to the commons will not available.
  • Bring a bag to collect belongings if you will need it.
  • Only the locker hallway will be accessible. If you have things in a classroom, please contact that teacher to make arrangements.
  • There will be boxes in the lobby for returning items to the school.

A Challenge from Mr. James - Define Your Probletunity

Probletunity: an opportunity masquerading as, or disguised as, a problem. The opportunity may give rise to benefits that are unrelated to the problem being solved, including advancement or improvement of one's own situation.


Defining a problem is a deceptively simple task - what at first seems to be the problem is often merely a symptom of a deeper problem. Defining the problem helps us to both open a problem up - presenting it in a way that can be examined from a number of angles - as well as to define the wider context and associated issues involved. Individually work through the Problem Definition worksheet. Then connect with family or friends to reflect on a specific issue you have identified, exchanging thoughts while writing down your notes. The key to success is to capture, compare and discuss different viewpoints on the problem. You can then review the notes and discuss whether you are making the same assumptions, and whether you are framing things in the same way. This exercise may lead you to ‘reframe’ the problem you initially addressed. Reframing problems in such a way can offer clues to how the solution can take shape.

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Story Time with Mr. James

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