quilting safety

by Katelyn Marsden

be safe

before you can even get to quilting make sure you cut your fabric the right size. While using the scissors make sure to cut away from yourself.

safety while quilting

after the squares are cut you can start to make it,but while making the quilt sew one section at the time. this will help the quilt to not bunch up and be easier to sew.

these our some examples of different quilts you can make

more safety tips

  • if you make a mistake and need to use the seem ripper, rip it away from yourself so you don't stage yourself.
  • while sewing it make sure it stays straight but be careful to make sure your fingers are away from the needle.
  • when finishing the quit and you have to sew the last corner by hand make sure to not poke your self with the needle.

the final project

if you follow theses simple safety tips you will have accident free quilt making process.