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A Look At Reading Groups

Mrs. Cripe's Google Classroom code is: s7nb34u

We are getting used to our routine and finding our groove! I realize how challenging this time is, juggling new schedules, virtual meetings, and trying to find a balance. Please reach out if I can be of assistance as you work in reading groups to your already packed schedule.

We have developed our "norms" for our time together and begin each session thinking of one thing we are grateful for. Studies have shown that focusing on gratitude actually allows our brain to work better, making it easier to learn new tasks or do challenging work. I encourage students to use this strategy throughout the day, both in school-related activities and beyond. We also often use "brain buttons" and breathing techniques to help us focus and prepare for the work ahead.

Here is our Reading Group Social Contract:

Work Hard

  • Bring materials (Literacy Notebook or paper, writing utensil, charged device to connect)
  • Be ready to read (quiet space, focused)
  • Be safe

Be Kind

  • Listen quietly
  • Take turns talking
  • Support each other

Believe you will grow!

Reading at Home

What is your child reading? Do they enjoy it? Make sure they always have a book for enjoyment outside of what they are reading for school.

Please be sure to check your email for login instructions for Literacy Footprints. Your child has a virtual bookshelf with many genres right at their level! This is an essential part of their growth as a reader. Before COVID-19, students in reading groups would take home bags of books for weekly practice. The Literacy Footprints Digital Reader takes the place of this important ritual and provides MANY more options for your child to choose from. Please remind your child to visit the bookshelf multiple times a week. Thank you for all you do to keep your child reading!

A few of the online reading options out there:

Book Recommendations

I hope you will try some of these titles and let me know what you think. Also, if your child has a favorite, please let me know and I will include it in the newsletter!

The Enchanted Files book and the book by Grace Lin (Where the Mountain Meets the Moon) are each part of a series. They are great for hooking kids and getting them excited about reading the next book!

Focus: Questions to Engage Readers

After reading a fiction story or chapter, take on the roles of two characters. Have a conversation, asking questions of each other and answering as the characters from the book. It's a great way to take on another perspective.

Challenge of the Month: Vocabulary

When you read a book about a topic, work together to make an exhaustive list about all the words related to the topic. For instance, if you read a book about outer space, he/she may list astronaut, rocket, spaceship, orbit, planets, etc. Getting your brain ready by building vocabulary and focusing on what they are likely to read BEFORE reading, is a useful strategy!


Please do not hesitate to contact me!
Click for more info on the Read by Grade 3 Law

This law applies to students in third grade reading MORE than one year behind grade level.