E-Commerce Jobs

Created by: Kaleb Floyd

Professional Blogger:

Description: is someone who earns money writing blogs for the internet. This could be by earning money via advertising on a personal blog or by writing posts for an official blog for one or more companies.

Salary: Median is $60,000

Educational Requirements: No specific academic qualification or training required.

Work Experience: No experience required

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Virtual Assistant

Description: is an independent contract worker who provides administrative, creative or technical services

Salary: 22,000 and has an average salary of $16.06 per hour

Educational Requirements: You don't need a specific level of education to become a virtual assistant. Many begin this career by starting their own businesses or signing on as independent contractors for other virtual assistance agencies

Work Experience: 1+ years of relevant experience required

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Web developer/designer

Description: develops and creates websites and associated applications.

Salary: Median is $63,160
required Education: Associate's or bachelor's degree

Work Experience: Web design experience doesn't need to be extensive, it could be work experience, websites designed in your own time for family or friends, a summer internship or a placement year; but any experience will contribute to you securing a job.

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Tech support specialist

Description: Technical support specialists provide technical support, advice and assistance to consumers and businesses with technical, hardware and software system problems.

Salary: median is 45,528

required education: Some employers prefer that applicants have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems or a related subject. Others request that individuals complete a computer training program, which may include professional certifications

Work experince: +2 year's experience

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