Stress Management

Hannah Anderson and Brendan Dana


Stress is something that affects every one. Stress is caused by stressors, things that can make you stressed out such as homework, issues with other people or upcoming events. Stressors can be social, emotional or mental. Stress comes in different forms, some are good and some are bad. Stress affects your body in different ways If one is over stressed there might be dark lines under there eyes

Thesis Statement

Stress is an issue that is can't be fixed. There are many ways to deal with stress, but stress will always exist. Ways you can deal with it are taking a break from what you are doing, close your eyes and count to 10, or take a few deep breaths. We need to raise awareness about stress because stress can lead to depression and in extreme cases, death.

The Importance of Avoiding Stress

Stress can be stirred up from any event, it comes out of nowhere it can make you feel like every little thing is a problem it can make something as small as a little home work feel like a life or death event. Things like a sport or meditation can lessen the feeling of tension.

More About Stress

The Google definition of stress is " A state of mental strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances." Stress can give you headaches, according to Mayo Clinic, stress is the number one cause of headaches. Steps you can take to avoid stress headaches include: meditation, deep breathing, yoga or tai chi. If you don't have time for those activities, you can take a break, let it go, or laugh. Symptoms that you may be stressed are: Headaches, fatigue, Stomach pains, sleep problems, anxiety, lack of motivation, anger, social withdrawal, over/under eating and substance abuse.

How To Manage Stress

There are many ways you can manage stress. Physical activity is one way. You can do Yoga, tai chi, meditate, or you can go to the gym or play a sport.
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Why Do We Get Stress?

Here is a short video about why we get stress and what it can do to your body.
Can Stress Actually Kill You?

What Can Be Done About Stress

Not even in a perfect world can stress be non existent, if there was such a place that's where I would be. There are precautions that we can take to help decrease the load of stress. Things like looking at the bigger picture or watching a funny video can help change your state of mind. Things like exercise or taking deep breaths also help decrease the load.


In conclusion, stress can't be fixed, it can't just disappear, but there are many ways to prevent stress or reduce you stress level. My advice for people who are stressed is to take a break, whatever you are doing, just stop for a minute and take a few deep breaths. If you are continuously stressed, consider consulting an adult for help.


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