The Good News

Welcome Back to School! Saint John XXIII August 26, 2021

Welcome back to our students and their families! A very special welcome to our new families!

On behalf of all our Saint John XXIII Staff, Mrs. Greene and I want to share our excitement and joy as we welcome you all back to school!

We recognize there may still be some wonderings as we begin a new year together but have faith that we will continue to navigate the journey together as a Saint John XXIII village. Together with our Saint John XXIII Parents (the "big" people), we will work diligently to hold the big worries and big pieces, and leave the little joys of childhood growing and learning to our littles. The most important thing to remember and know is how much every child at St. John is valued, welcomed, and loved.

We also want to share our appreciation to all our parents and families for your cooperation last school year with your commitment to helping keep our school a safe place to grow and learn. Please continue to stay informed, seek clarification, and adhere to the EICS and our school Re-Entry protocols. It is a collective responsibility we all have to keep our students and staff healthy and safe.

At St. John, we will continue to Connect, Love and Teach, and in that order. We recognize there are many feelings out there regarding re-entry. May we, as parents, staff, and parish members, show up this week for our children in a way that reminds them of the certainty of faith, hope, love and joy.

It continues to be a blessing and privilege to lead this beautiful village of Saint John XXIII. Thank you for your continued trust and faith in us.


Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm

This week's Smore...The Good News

This week our communication will intentionally focus on:

  1. Reiterating the EICS Re-Entry Guidelines
  2. Ensure our families have links, information and necessary information to begin school next week

Next week we will share:

  1. More detailed information about typical start-up aspects such as: demographic forms, consent forms, calendars, etc
  2. Staff information: Each week we will share a little about staff members and parish priests so you can "see" and share in our SJ village

EICS and Saint John XXIII Re-Entry Protocols

Please ensure you have read and are familiar with the full EICS School Plan linked here prior to Wednesday, September 1st

As you are aware, we will continue to have safety protocols in place due to COVID-19. Some protocols from last year will remain in place while there are some new protocols for this school year. These protocols have been gleaned from the guidelines within the 2021-2022 School Plan.

To highlight some of the key health and safety measures for our St. John community, we will continue to :

  • Daily Screen: daily screening following the Alberta Health Daily Checklist
  • Stay at home policy: stay-at-home policy for any students or staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Should a student develop symptoms of illness at school, parents will be notified and advised to pick up their child as soon as possible.
  • Hand Hygiene: Students and staff will continue to make hand sanitizing and washing hands part of their daily school routine. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the school and at all entryways.
  • Vaccinations for eligible staff and students: strongly recommend and encourage all eligible staff and students to be fully vaccinated for respiratory illnesses, where applicable, such as COVID-19 and influenza.
  • Physical distancing indoors: continue to encourage, where possible. Classrooms are still maximizing space and minimizing items
  • Respiratory Etiquette: Masks are strongly recommended when physical distancing is not possible and in common areas (hallways, bathrooms, foyers, lunch rooms) where classroom cohorts are often intermingled. Grade 4: Masks remain strongly recommended during class time when physical distancing is not possible. Masks are mandatory on the school bus, to and from school and to any school sanctioned event
  • Cohorts: We will continue with grade cohorts within the school. Cohorts will be larger when outside and cohorted by grade levels. The outside zones will switch at each recess as to allow cohorts access to all the fun areas of our schoolyard. Bathrooms will continue to have a procedure to limit the amount of students in the bathroom at one time.
  • At this time there will be no school wide assemblies or celebrations. Each grade level cohort will continue to experience face to face assemblies on a rotating schedule.
  • Meeting Spots: Please make a meeting spot with your child away from the entrance of your child's chohort door to respect distancing with other children. We are so blessed at Saint John XXIII to have so much open space and a safe field to meet our children at before and after school. Students will stay in colour groupings to enter and exit.
  • Visitors: We are excited to connect with our parents and families and will be outside to meet and greet our families during staggered entry. Safety is our top priority and we are not quite ready for visitors inside yet. Once routines have been established and we are comfortable with the health and safety measures, we will begin to welcome visitors, including parent volunteers, in again. Visitors must screen for any signs and symptoms of Covid-19 and are required to wear a mask.

If you have any questions, wonderings or concerns, please contact the school 780-998-7777. It is so important that we engage in conversation and you feel connected and comfortable sending your littles to our school community.

First bell rings at 8:45 am and dismissal is 3:23 pm. Morning supervision begins at 8:30 am. Please do not drop off students earlier than 8:30 am.

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If you arrive after 8:50 am, please take your child to the front door and contact the office 780-998-7777 *press 1

Staggered Entry: September 1 & 2


Grades 1- 4: Use the letter of your child’s last name to determine which day of staggered entry your child comes to school:

Wednesday, September 1 8:45-3:23 pm: Staggered Entry Students with last names A-L Thursday, September 2 8:45-3:23 pm: Staggered Entry: Students with last names M-Z

Friday, September 3 8:45-3:23 pm : First day of classes for all M/W Kindergarten students and students in grades 1-4

*PUF Pathways; Sept. 13 & 14 Small group orientation (Teacher will contact).

*Pathways and Kindergarten families will be receiving an alternate schedule to follow for staggered entrance from their teachers.


Your child's teacher and staff members will be outside to meet and greet your child and family. Look for the numbered balloons to see where your child's cohort door is.

*We have also created some grade level picture frames for photo ops for you that will be near your child's entrance doors in the fields* Please send in any photos you are willing to share in our Smore and social media to Mrs. Boehm

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Parking Lot Protocols *Please do not allow students to cross the parking lot at any time*

For the safety of all Saint John XXIII students, there are a few very important parking lot protocols to follow.

*Most important* Please do not allow students to cross the parking lot at any time. Encourage use of the sidewalks adjacent to the lot and crosswalks. Our students are little and are hard to see when people are backing up. We had some near misses last year and need your cooperation with this. Our kinders line up beside our parking lot, please do not park in front of the basketball area or double park. Help us keep all students safe.

Visitor parking spaces: We have 15 visitor parking stalls (identified with the Visitor parking sign). These spaces are closest to the road. These stalls are available on a first-come, first serve basis and we would like to encourage our families to try to be courteous and leave these spaces for our families with infant children or our families with children with complex needs. If these spaces are full, please do not come into the parking lot to drop off your child.

Park and walk: As has been a familiar practice for most of our SJXXIII families, please make a plan with your child for a meeting spot, park down the street or around the corner. This keeps kids active and safe and greatly reduces the congestion in between the two schools. Some parking is available across the street. Please do not park in a numbered stall as these are reserved for our friends at Win Ferguson.

Walking School Bus: A fantastic practice in other schools is the Walking School Bus. Parents who live near one another make a plan to walk to school along a route, picking up kids along the way. Find out who lives by you and make a safe and active plan to walk to school!

Thank-you for your cooperation and commitment to keeping our kids safe. Remember, student safety will always trump convenience.

A beautiful and safe path to bring your children to and from school

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Remember to send a water bottle for filling at our stations. Water fountains remained closed.

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Communication this week

Friday, August 27th:

  • Principal and Assistant Principal Video message: Welcome Back
  • Kindergarten Parent Handbook

Tuesday, August 31: Homeroom teachers Welcome Back videos sent to families

2021-2022 Supply Lists

For the 2021-2022 school year, you will be required to purchase or supply basic school supplies for your child, including a one-to-one technology device for students in grade 4. Enhancement programming costs such as field trips etc. will be posted to your power school account in the fall. You will receive an email when the fees have been posted.

Staples is offering special pricing for parents from Elk Island Catholic Schools. You may choose to get your school supplies from Staples or from another retail store, click the button below to access the school supply lists provided by our school and by Staples.

Early Out Dismissal 2:23 pm Wednesday, September 8

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