Treatment Facilities

Ex.) The Discovery House & Kansas City Alcohol Treatment

The Discovery House (888-962-8208)

They help treat alcohol addictions, opiate addictions, and even heroin addictions.

They also have many different types of programs, ranging from the original 12 step program, all the way to full on stay-in rehab and family programs.

7133A Darby Ave., Reseda, CA

Find more here: The Discovery House

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Kansas City Alcohol Treatment

This is part of the Kansas City addiction rehabilitation center. There's also the KCDR, which specializes in drug rehabilitation.

This center focuses on helping you get through an alcoholic addiction. They aim to help get you back on your feet as soon as possible. They try to help via having you stay in-house to help get you off your addiction, as well as helping you set up a schedule to try to get better as soon as possible.

2300 Main Street, Kansas City, MO

Find more here: KCAT

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