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Board Meeting Highlights -- 2/28/22

The Flemington-Raritan Regional Board of Education held an in-person, regular meeting on February 28, 2022. Below is a recap of the meeting:

  • All agenda motions were approved: Agenda and Addendum.
  • The Board adopted a revised District calendar for this school year, 2021-2022, linked here.
  • The Board adopted a District calendar for next school year, 2022-2023, linked here.
  • Dr. McGann's Superintendent's Report is linked here.
  • Audio recordings of meetings are available on our web site here.

Board Recognition

During the Board of Education meeting, this year's Educators of the Year were honored and recognized together with the Flemington-Raritan Education Association. Each principal shared thoughts and reflections about each award recipient. These comments can be heard on the Board meeting audio, linked here, and can be read online here.

Congratulations to the FRSD teachers and educational services professionals on their distinguished achievement as an educator of the year. Their hard work, dedication and contributions have helped our students grow, learn and achieve. It is because of outstanding staff members like them that our district continues to provide all students with an excellent education and the foundation they need to succeed in the future. Congratulations to:


Teacher – Cori Lango, Grade 4

Educational Services Professional – Shannon Croasdale, Speech-Language Pathologist


Teacher – Reparata Skove, Health & Physical Education

Educational Services Professional – Lisa Maslankowksi, School Nurse


Teacher – Nina Higgins, Grade 3 Resource Center

Educational Services Professional – Jaclyn Accardi, Speech-Language Pathologist


Teacher – Margaret DeAngelis, Kindergarten

Educational Services Professional – Jeanne Whalen, Teacher Assistant


Teacher – Lori Koehler, Grade 6 Math

Educational Services Professional – Claire Fox, Teacher Assistant


Teacher – Dawn Hlavsa-Suk, Grade 7 Social Studies

Educational Services Professional – Noreen Bradley, School Nurse

We share a special thank you with the Flemington ShopRite for donating flowers for our educators.

Policy & Regulation Update

The Board presented the following new policies for a first reading:

  • P 1648.14 - Safety Plan for Healthcare Settings in School Buildings-COVID-19 (M)
  • P 3134 - Assignment of Extra Duties

The Board adopted the following revised policies and regulation:

  • P 1648.11A - The Road Forward COVID-19 - Health and Safety (M) - Appendices
  • P 5116 - Education of Homeless Children
  • R 7510 - Use of School Facilities
  • P 8540 - School Nutrition Programs (M)
  • P 9150 - School Visitors

All Board-approved policies and regulations are available online here.

Next Meeting - March 14, 2022

The Board of Education will hold the next regular meeting on Monday, March 14, 2022 at 7 p.m. at J.P. Case Middle School. To view the 2022 Board Schedule, click here.

Board Members (2022)

Pamela Baker, Valerie Bart (Vice President), Loretta Borowsky, Jeff Cain, Michelle Hurley, Laurie Markowski, Susan Mitcheltree (President), Melanie Rosengarden, Murty Varanasi

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