Andrew Jackson hero or zero?

by Lexi Roa

Is Jackson a Zero or Hero?

I believe Jackson is a zero because he is stubborn and mean.


1. The Indian Removal Act: Jackson forced Indians off of their own land, they had to move to Oklahoma on foot!! Many of the indians died on their way.

2. He shut down the national bank, he vetoed the bill that renewed the national bank. I realize that he was helping the less fortunate but when your president you must think about the wealthy too! They may be rich but it doesnt mean they dont have troubles! when you are president you must think of everyone not just the poor. You must think of everyone as a whole.

3. The force bill. He FORCED the south to pay the unfair tarriffs. If they did not pay Jackson could send in the U.S army.

Political Cartoon

The meaning behind this cartoon is that whenever there was a problem the only option Jackson turned to was to get rid of it. Just like he did with The Indian Removal Act.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency