Star Library News

Librum Insinuare (ed.1)

A New Year 2015-16

Welcome back Stars! This is the 1st edition of the "Star Library News". Librum Insinuare is Latin for book worm. I hope you are reading. I will be getting with you about one of your favorite books to share with our students, maybe your favorite growing up or one you have run across while teaching. We are "Hazelwood", where the Stars are always "reading!"

Library Notes

  • The name you use to check out material is your first initial last name.
  • AR information is coming.
  • Assign a Class Librarian to check your library baskets daily to make sure all books are there.
  • Old "Discarded" books: if you no longer want these, return to me so I can discard them. Please do not put them in the workroom for give aways.