Villain's Attack!!

the story of the villians and how heros stop them

One time two lab partners Rocco and Mason were working on a special type of gun for the army. But some thing bad happened to Mason he step in a toxic oil and turned him in to a mutant a bad mutant. Rocco tried running but X-mason was to fast he grabbed Rocco and threw him into the same toxic oil Mason stepped into. Now there is two villain's Slasher and X-mason in this city of New York. Now all the people of New York city can hope for is Scorpion king and Stormy to defeat Slasher and X-mason. Finally the day has come for Slasher and X-mason to rise and take over the city. As they were climbing the sky scraper with the bad gas X-mason got hit in the face by a blur. Slasher tried to fight back but it was to fast slasher got hit and flew to another building and slammed in to a wall. It was Stormy slasher new he had to defeat her. But Scorpion King was on another building fighting with X-mason. slasher fought hard trying to destroy Stormy. But she was to strong slasher needed help from X-mason but hit Stormy with a powerful blow and she was out. Slasher tried to get to X-mason but it was to late Scorpion king killed X-mason. Slasher was full of rage he was so mad he killed Scorpion king. Full he started attacking Stormy but as they were fighting a fuse was happening behind them and exploded killing Slasher and Stormy and that was the end of the hero's and villain's.