Marvelous Magazine

By: Ally N.

What a Marvelous Magazine!

This very wonderful magazine is very marvelous! Get up to date with everything going on in the world. This magazine has almost everything in it! It has fashion, sewing tips, baking advise, recipes, and more!

Who Invented it? Who Would Use it?

Edward Cave published the first general-interest magazine in 1731. People would use the magazine to understand what was going on in the world.

When is a magazine helpful, beneficial, or handy?

A magazine can very helpful in waiting rooms or just when you want to pass time. Magazines also can be beneficial and handy when you want to stay connected and up to date with the world.


I learned the magazine was invented in 1731 by Edward Cave. He developed the first general-interest magazine which people enjoyed very much. Magazines look and work like a thin book. A magazine provides a lot of information from fashion to politics.

Magazines in the past were one of the few ways people could be aware of what was happening outside their town or family. Magazines continue to inform people of information even today. in addition to bringing awareness, magazines provided entertainment to people when they didn't have TV or other electronic devices. This also continues today as many magazines can be purchased in almost any store.

I chose the method repetition because repeating the name of the product will cause it to get stuck in people's head. Then people will recommend it to others. This will spread around awareness of the product.