Peak Experience

By Emanuel and Rob

Economic Impact

The easiest way to climb Everest is Nepal side and its also the easiest way to save money. To climb for three days on Everest you need $30. But to climb Everest 29,029 ft. you need a permit that will probably need to pay $ 3,550. That answer all questions about money for Everest.

Climate on Everest

  • Mount Everest is one of the largest mountain with extreme (high) climate.Its summit temperatures in January are -33° F and can drop to -76° F , and its average summit temperature in July is -2° F .

Preparation for Climbing

When climbing a mountain as high as Everest, preparation must be taken seriously.

For example:

1) Get your body in shape (work out, eat healthy, get some sleep, drink only water...)

2) Save up (save money because it can cause thousands. A permit to climb is about $70,000.
3) Sign up( get tour operators)
4) Stock up(Get Sherpas to schlep your gear for you).
5)Finally,Climb up

These are all the thing needed in order to climb mountains

Biography of Peak

Peak is a 15 year old boy who tries to be the youngest teenager to climb Everest. He personally thought this climb would be for him and his dad to bond, but he is sadly mistaken. Although things don't turn out as planned he still bonds with others like Zopa and Sun-jo.

Holly Angleo report

The youngest person on top of mount Everest is a boy name Sun-jo he is only 14 years old. He is half tibtan and Nepalise, the country took over by china. And Sun-jo just beat the record 15 years old and it was the day before he turn 15.


A retired sherpa that climbed mount Everest to help is boss son and his grandson try to reach mount Everest lets see what happen.