Career poster By: Jasmin Lopez

animals health veterinarian jobs

Veterinarians typically do the following:

  • Examine animals to solve their health problems
  • take care and treat animals for medical conditions
  • Treat and fix wounds
  • Perform surgery on animals
  • Test for and vaccinate against diseases
  • Operate medical equipment, such as x-ray machines
  • Advise animal owners about general care, medical conditions, and treatments
  • Prescribe medication
  • Euthanize animals
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Injuries and illnesses on the veterinarian

When working with animals that are frightened or in pain, veterinarians risk being bitten, kicked, and scratched. In addition, veterinarians working with diseased animals risk being infected by the disease.

Finishing my project

It's harder than its seems to become a veterinarian you need lots of year of education. you got to love animals,be kind to them trust them and they got to trust you
Steps to Becoming a Veterinarian