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A Peek at the Week - October 12- October 18, 2015

Specials Week 2

Bus Driver Appreciation Week

Monday, October 12th

Grade Level Items:

* Dates for next PBL project

* Completed project design plan and calendar

* List of materials

* 2nd - 5th grades: What topic will students have ready for Discovery?

What type of presentation tool or product for students?

* Grade level party time and date

Individual Items:

* RBES goals finished and submitted

* English Language Learner Plans finished - lab help from 11:00 - 12:00 if not done

* Grades completed and finalized

Tuesday, October 13th

3:05 Faculty Meeting & Munch

* United Way presentation - Tammi Stewart

* Benefits presentation - Kari Black & Patrice Dunbar

* Compensation information - Jonathan

* Lockdown information - Jonathan

Wednesday, October 14th

AP Meeting

Picture Retakes / fifth gr. panoramic / leadership photos

7:15 Witzzle Pro

3:00 BTC / Service

Thursday, October 15th

7:15 Chorus

Friday, October 16th

10:05 Lockdown drill

7:30 Dacula vs Brookwood (pink out)

Saturday, October 17th

9:00 - 10:30 Kindergarten Art Club (school open)

Upcoming Dates/Events

Monday, October 19th: Report cards sent home

October 19th - 23rd: ITBS 2nd & 5th grade; Great Days of Service

The Media Center wants your opinion!!

Looking for books on a topic you are teaching?

Want to give feedback on books to add to the Mulberry Media Center?

This Monday, 10/12, a book vendor will be in the media center with books for

you to preview and give your opinion on adding to our collection.

Stop by between 11:00 - 1:00 to check out the books.

Great Days of Service

Mulberry Elementary has a wonderful opportunity to partner with Gwinnett County for the Great Days of Service. During the Great Days of Service, our school will be collecting canned foods and personal hygiene items for families in need. These items will be distributed throughout the co-ops and shelters in our area. Please consider donating one of the items listed below. We will be collecting these items from October 19th-October 22nd. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

Pre-K/Kindergarten: Macaroni and Cheese

First Grade: Canned Soups and Fruits

Second Grade: Canned Meats and Pastas

Third Grade: Toilet Paper

Fourth Grade: Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Fifth Grade: Deodorant

Red Ribbon Week Rejected Slogans

With Red Ribbon Week fast approaching, Darcy Long is always on the lookout for new ideas and slogans. Here are a few that she has come up with that I have had to reject:

Crack Is Whack!
don’t huff, don’t puff, stay away from that stuff.
Drug Use is Life Abuse WISE GUY.
Drugs drool sports rule.
Drugs make you cuckoo.
Give your loved ones hope, stay away from dope.
If you do coke your life will end up a joke.
It’s no lie, drugs will make your mama cry.
Smokin’ Pot WON’T make you Hot!
the only pot you should be looking for is at the end of the rainbow!
Thug free, Drug Free, Just being who I want 2 be!

October is a Tough Month!

The past nine weeks have been extremely busy where we have all been pushed beyond our comfort zones as we have planned and implemented PBL units. Please know I appreciate all the hard work, and I know that you all are tired. We are in the hard part of the first semester. It has been awhile since we had a break and the holidays still seem far away. It is the time of the year when issues such as the lunch room, recess behavior, and dismissal can creep up and cause some problems. We will work together to find solutions to our problems and build upon the excellent work started in the first quarter. Your excellence is being noticed. This quote comes from the PBL newsletter that goes out to all the principals whose schools are in the PBL grant:

This last week we launched our initial site visits for the STEM Innovation Grant Professional Development Lab Schools (PDLS) with great success. Thanks so much to Jonathan Day, Heather Watkins, and the amazing Mulberry ES teachers who opened their classrooms to our Innovative phase one teachers to see STEM focused PBL in action. As a part of their continued professional learning, teachers walked classrooms, interacted with students, debriefed their lessons learned, and discussed the journey with like teachers. It was an exciting next step, and we look forward to future opportunities to visit our PDLS – Mulberry ES, Duluth MS and Peachtree Ridge HS.

Enjoy your weekend, get some rest, and I look forward to driving the bus for the second nine weeks. Jonathan

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To the literacy & outreach committees: Thanks for a fun experience at Barnes & Noble last night.

To Heather Watkins: Thank you for all your hard working helping us with our PBL and setting up Chris Holcomb for us. We appreciate you! - First Grade

To Ginny Dreybus: Thank you for being so flexible with our busy schedule and still finding time to fit our friends in - Jessica