Membership of the Senate

All about the Senate


  • Must be at least 30 years old
  • Must have been a U.S citizen for at least 9 years prior to election
  • Must be leagal resident of the state you represt

Term of Office

  • 6 year terms
  • elections are every 2 years due to stagered elections
  • Elections are in November, term starts on January 3rd

Salary & Benefits

  • $174,000 a year
  • They may qualify for $150,000 a year after they retire
  • They set their own salary
  • They qualify for large allowances to pay for their office staff and assistants, trips home, telephones, telegrams, and newsletters.
  • All members are entitled to an income tax deduction to help maintain their residences

Privileges of Members

  • Free from arrest
  • They cannot be sued for amything they say on the House or Senate floor

By: Amber Weinstein