Kareful Kooking in the Kitchen

How To Be Safe While Having Fun

First Aid

How to prevent kitchen burns:
  • Stay in the kitchen while food is cooking.
  • Turn pot handles toward the back or center of the stove.
  • Run cool water over the burned area, soak it in cool water (not ice water), or cover it with a clean, cold, wet towel.
  • Cover the burn with a sterile bandage or a clean cloth.
  • Protect the burn from pressure and friction.
Choking in the Kitchen

If someone starts to choke in your kitchen, CPR might be a valuable skill to know. Call the ambulance and wait for help, but if the person is dying then perform Heimlich maneuver.

Falls in the Kitchen

Things are going to get spilt in the kitchen, but there is no use in crying over it. Quickly clean up spills to prevent slips and slides or burns if it is hot. Use step stools to reach tall items.

Cuts in the Kitchen

Quickly clean the wound. Make sure to throw away any food that could have possibly been contaminated as well as washing any dishes or utensils that came in contact with the wound. Bandage up the clean wound and make sure to put gloves on to prevent further contamination.

Poisoning in the Kitchen

To prevent food poisoning, be sure to cook food thoroughly and avoid cross-contamination. Wash your hands and have good personal hygiene as well as only use foods that are still good (before it's use-by date).

Foodbourne Illnesses

A foodbourne illness is any illness caused by food spoilage or contaminated foods. It's number one cause is using food that has spoiled or gone bad.

Cross contamination is the spread of harmful bacteria from one food/surface to another.

When thawing food there are three good and safe methods.

1.) Thaw it in the fridge

2.) Put it in a sealed bag and place the bag in a bowl of cold water

3.) Put it in the microwave and press the defrost button

Personal Hygiene

It is vitally important that you wash your hands before and after cooking as well as after handling raw foods. A safe way to know that your hands are clean is to use the 20-Second Scrub! This is when you thoroughly scrub your hands for 20 seconds (duh). It is also important that your face and body are clean as well to prevent icky germs from entering your delicious food!
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