By Travis Selby

Yemen's Economy

Yemen's main industries are crude oil production and petroleum refining. Yemen's main agriculture is forestry and fishing. Yemen's currency is Yemeni Rial. Yemen's main religion is Muslims and Shafi'i. Yemen's government is republic.
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This is a picture of Yemen's currency.

Yemen's Country Infromation

Yemen has a lot of mountains, desserts, hills and slopes. Yemen's has a dry, hot and little rain fall for its climate. Yemen's populations is about 24,771,809. Yemen's ethnic groups are Arab, Somali, Black, Indo-Pakistani and other. Yemen's main language is Arabic.

Yemen's Historical Facts

Yemen's is one of the oldest civilization in the Near East. Yemen dates back to 1200-650 B.C.Yemen was the first country to grant women the right to vote in the Arabian peninsula.Its the only state in the Arabian peninsula to have a purely republican form of government.
yemen national anthem

Yemen's Famous People

There is no famous actors or actress from Yemen. A famous singer from Yemen is Arwa and a song she sang is Habib Rouhi. A famous athlete from Yemen is Isra Girgrah and she's a five time world medalist. Yemen's president is Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and he took office in 2012. There is no famous artist from Yemen.


You can see ancient house, mosques, markets, two ancient gates and the old cities.


You can see the historical British churches, its military museum, the beach of Aden, the Zoroastrian Temple and the Sira fort.


You can see the mountain ranges, waterfalls, the security is good, its very green and the old doors in Ibb.