Back home again in Indiana

Dr. Thomas Ho found a job!

My new gig

You might recall that I earlier announced my intention to return to Indiana with the news that I was looking for a job in order to fulfill Purdue's requirement for a predominant purpose to relocate in order to qualify for in-state tuition because my daughter has accepted her admission offer.

Since July 31, 2014 I have been Director of Technology Integration and Support at Traders Point Christian Schools in Whitestown, Indiana. I know this wonderful school because my daughter attended it until the eighth grade when we left Indiana. What's even better is that they know me well too! what?

Why am I joining TPCA?

Mostly, it's because they want me!

Also, I am a lot like my new boss Ron Evans, Head of School.

Traders Point Christian - 2014 Future of the School Part I
TPCHS_A High School for the Future-public

About TPCA

Parents choose a school for many reasons, with academics at the top. But what is education? We believe true education must include Christ and be based on a biblical worldview. Christ gives meaning to all knowledge and our lives.

Facilities and programs are a consideration, and we are blessed with both. But it's relationships that truly impact students and their education. Teachers who pray daily for each child; cry and laugh with them. Coaches who encourage, not deflate. Peers who aren't perfect but hold each other accountable; staff and families who share your values.

TPCA is known for relationships, community, knowing and loving every child and helping them grow as God's unique creation

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