Who Are We?

Haymana Multi-Programmed Anatolian High School

Haymana Multi-programmed High School is a secondary school dedicated to students aged from 14-18. It was opened in 1972 and it is the oldest high school in our town. The school consists of about 200 students. The team of teachers participates in various researches, educational and cultural events looking for opportunities to show students’ potential and skills. We, as teachers, aim to prepare our students for higher education- universities- and real life.


Upon a change in the education system in Turkey, two vocational departments were opened in 2014. One of them is "Elderly and Patient Care". We have about 60 students studying in this department.Upon graduation, these students will get the opportunity to get extra mark while entering university if they choose departments related with health education. The other department is "Customer Services". Being a new department, there are no students studying it this year.


At the end of each year, the student board organises a spring festival and graduation programme with the help school administration.