The Holocaust

By Cora Smith

Remembering the Holocaust

The Holocaust was a terrible event that happened in human history and nothing like that should ever happen again. It's important to remember this event because it was such a big part of history that had a major impact on lots of peoples lives. It's important that we remember it happened because history repeats itself and steps need to be taken to stop something like that from happening again. We can use it to learn about genocides and learn what leads up to a genocide so we can stop it from happening before it does. We can learn from the Holocaust that prejudice and singling out a group of people like that is not a good thing.

The Holocaust and 21st Century

The Holocaust was one of the biggest genocides to ever happen in human history and can be connected to things happening now and before. Right now in America Donald Trump is doing something similar to the Muslims as Hitler did to the Jewish. He wants all the Muslims deported which is definitely not as bad as wanting to kill them all off like Hitler did with the Jewish but its still prejudice and saying that they are a lesser people. He also doesn't want any more Mexicans coming into America like Hitler didn't want the Jewish.

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