Minnesota Newcomers

By Jillian D.

My five facts

This state is the fastest growing state. The first step to becoming a state was they ask the congress for governors, legislature, and a court of our own. The treaties made a big difference in Minnesota's population. Hans Mattson had wrote many articles and letters and speeches. That's also called a recruiter. On May 11,1858 we became the third-second state of the union.

Lots of land to love

St. Paul, because they built Fort Snelling which is a military base, Saint Paul also had a small village built for people to live in.

Harriet Bishop

She was important because 1. she was a teacher giving education to children in a small school room.2. She also established a sunday school, helped make temprance groups, and women's orginization's.

Steam Boats

I think steam boats because the are making regular stop's in St. Paul. So they will get there faster for those people that are always going to St. Paul. And they have water across the east side of St. Paul.

Harriet Bishop Quote

I have known Minnesota from it's infancy, and have loved it as a parent does a child, till my very being is entwined with her interests; and to me it is fit for paradise. Come to Minnesota, but bring with you principles and unyielding.