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August 26, 2016

Message from Mrs. Thomas

We have had a wonderful week at GES! Thank you for sharing your children with us! Students have been hard at work getting to know their school family, reading, creating and learning school procedures. Over the past two days we have worked on learning the procedures we use in our building to help school run smoothly. We have talked about our school motto of "Do the right thing and treat people right." This motto is a basic principle of life! We will work to communicate with you our life skills and character lessons so that we, school and home, can share the same message! A common message between school and home will make a big impact.

Speaking of impact, our students are on a mission to fill a bucket! WE can all fill a bucket when we say or do something kind for others. We all know a SMILE goes a long way! Over the past two days and on Monday, Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. Laffey and I will finish our tour of reading Have you Filled a Bucket Today? The students are excited to complete the task of filling a bucket over the next five days and reporting back to us by drawing a picture, writing on a note card or paper, making a whole class poster, or making a movie about how they filled someone's bucket! Join the GES Bucketfilling Campaign and see how your family can fill a bucket this weekend!

Next week we will be distributing IPADS to those students who rented IPADS on or before July 29th. Another order has been issued and will be arriving soon. We will send out an email the day the IPADS come home for those who have given permission for the IPADS to come home. For those who signed for the IPAD to stay at school ( optional in K-2) we will have IPAD charging carts. Thank you for your patience as we role out the implementation of this tool!

Thank you again for your support of GES! Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful children!

Mrs. Christi Thomas, Principal

Safe Visitor Badge and Visitors

Anyone intending to spend time in the school must have a SafeVisitor ID Badge. Please note this policy also applies to anyone wishing to join students for lunch (see below). If you have been approved as a volunteer with Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation and did not receive an email from, please email Vicki Foutty ( If you have not yet completed the background check, click here to get started.

Lunch Visitors

We are practicing smooth transitions and procedures in the cafeteria as our students adjust to the school schedule. The cafeteria is not open to visitors at this time. We will open for visitors after Labor Day.

Are you renting an iPad or providing your own device?


Please let the school know whether you are renting an iPad or providing your device as soon as possible. In order to determine book fees we need this information. The forms are in your student's Skyward account. Go to to fill out the form.

Click here for device specifications.

School fees are due SEPTEMBER 16th

Book fees will be listed in your student's Skyward account when they are finalized. Please check your Skyward account by clicking on this link:

Speech and Hearing Screenings

Speech and hearing screenings are conducted at the beginning of each school year. Speech screenings are completed with Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Hearing screenings are completed with Kindergarten, 1st, and 4th grades. You will be contacted by the school Speech Language Pathologist if there are any concerns. Thank you!

Student Dismissal Program Starts after Labor Day

We are excited to announce a new dismissal system that will be in place at GES soon. After Labor Day parents and school will have a new, more efficient system for end-of-day transportation plans. Watch for more news in the next couple of weeks.

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We are in the process of creating a space in our building (the "X") for students to build, create and investigate! We have many recycled materials to work with and yet we could still use some more. Each week we will post items that we are looking for that you might have around your house or see at Goodwill. If you do find these items, please bring them by the office.

- Tin Foil

- Ribbon

- Yarn

- CR2032 Lithium Batteries

- Plastic Wrap

Thanks for helping us build up our Makerspace Area!

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