Mrs. Halliday's Speech Therapy info for October 2013

Fall is here!

It is hard to believe it is already October and the school year is in full swing. All of the kids are working so hard on their speech and language goals! Remember you will be receiving quarterly reports around the time grade cards come home at the end of this month. Please look for your child's IEP goal pages with reported progress. For the students that I see for Speedy Speech/speech intervention, I will also be sending a brief progress note home as well. If you have any questions about progress, please email or call me and I can chat with you!

Below is a list of upcoming events for our school. The most important is Parent/Teacher Conferences. Due to my heavy caseload, I am not able to sit in on all parent/teacher conferences but I will be here in my room. If you'd like to speak to me, please swing by my room (Rm 15) and I can talk with you briefly. If you feel it would be greatly beneficial for me to be in the conference, please let me know. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Upcoming School Schedule

  • October 4 Kindergarten field trip
  • October 9 Wear ORANGE to unite against bullying
  • October 10 Peculiar Culver's Night-Come and support our school!
  • October 11 NO SCHOOL
  • October 18 4th grade field trip
  • October 23 Early Release and Parent/Teacher Conferences 1-7 pm
  • October 24 NO SCHOOL; Parent/Teacher Conferences 8 am-7:30 pm
  • October 25 NO SCHOOL
  • October 28-Nov 1; RED RIBBON WEEK (Spirit Week) Monday-Backwards T-Shirt Day; Tuesday-Favorite Team Day; Wednesday-Mismatch/Crazy sock Day; Thursday-Sweats/Athletic Gear Day; Friday-Wear RED

Speech Ladder

For my students who are working on producing certain sounds correctly, I am in the process of creating a "Speech Ladder" to help track our progress. This will be a basic visual of a ladder for each child to track their progress on their own. I have introduced the concept and working towards implementing a way for the children to create their own goal and track their progression. It's a work in progress! We will reference the speech ladder so the child understands what we are working on and what their goal should be. We have talked about how we have to start at the bottom of the ladder by learning how to say the sound all by itself, then begin to climb the ladder while using our sound correctly. We target each sound all by itself, then in syllables, then in the beginning, middle, and end of words. Once we have it in words, we move onto using the sound in short phrases, sentences, reading, and conversation tasks. Climbing the ladder can take some time and lots of practice. See if your child can identify where he/she is on the ladder once we start progress monitoring! Remember, they may be in different places on the ladder when working on more than one sound.

Home Activities

During the month of October, try some home activities to encourage great speech and language skills at home.

When carving pumpkins, talk about all the materials you will need. Sequence each step of carving the design. Introduce and see if your child can tell you the definitions of words that are associated with carving a pumpkin (scraping, design, carve, etc). Talk about and/or research fun facts about pumpkins. How do they grow? How can we describe them?

Leaves changing colors; collect several leaves and sort by color, size, type. Talk about or research why leaves change colors. Discuss the seasons and brainstorm all about each season. What do we like about Fall/Autumn? What sports are played this time of year? What else happens in Fall? Can you name holidays that happen in the Fall?

Halloween; Research how the holiday was started and some of the traditions? Sort candy by size, taste, wrapper color, or best to worst (Is there any candy that tastes bad??).

Remember language is everywhere. Just remember to take some time to ask more open-ended questions vs. those that have a one to two word response. (Tell me about your day vs. Did you have a good day?)

If your child is working on specific speech sounds, see if they can create a list of words that have their target sound that have to do with Fall items/activities. As they read the list, ask your child if they produced a good (target sound) sound or a not so good sound. Can they listen to themselves and hear the difference? There are lots of apps for recording. Maybe have your child record himself/herself saying target words and listen to the recording. We encourage short/quick reminders every now and then about speech sounds but we do ask that you not continuously point out speech mistakes. Remember our speech ladder. It will take some time before we notice the sound emerging in conversation.

APPS for home;



Mad Libs

Lakeshore Tic-Tac-Toe

If you find an app your child really likes and is a great language or speech activity, please let me know!

Contact Mrs. Halliday

I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns. During the day, I check my email often and we have the ability to listen to voicemail. If you leave a message, I will return your call as soon as possible! Call the school number then my extension 2192.