6th Amendment

Right to a Fair Trial

Amendment for the Constitution

In all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trail, by an impart trail jury of the state and district where in the crime shall have been committed which district shall have have been previously ascertained by law, and to be confronted with the witness against him to have compulsory process for obtaining witness in his favor and to have assistance of counsel for his defense

Historical Background of the amendment and why included in the Constitution

Trail by jury, the assistance of counsel and the right to a speedy trail all existed in some form in England before they were transported to England Colonies America

Write amendment in your own words

If you're charged with a crime your trail should happen as soon as possible you should sit in all for years waiting for a trail

Name of court case and year

In Doggett V. United States

Briefly explain the background of the case

Speedy trail rights were violated when there was more than an eight-year gap between his

Indicment and his subsequent prosecution.

Briefly explain the Court's decision and its rationale

The court foucsed on the extradinary 81/2yrs between his indictment and arrest and the fact that the government was to blame all along
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