Home Design of the Future

Sustainability, energy saving, and futuristic designs

Sustainable Ecosystems

To create a green environment around your home, you can do simple thing like using a compost bin, and not using any pesticides or insecticides if you have a garden. If I had a choice of plant I would want around my house, I would use the plants that are native to the biome my home is located in. Since my home is located in Newfoundland, the biome is the tundra, which would consist of plants such as the Pasque flower and maybe some Bear Berries to. I would include these types of plants because it is natural to the biome I live in, and can benefit other organisms that live there.

Plants I would grow in my garden would be squash, turnip, carrots, and potatoes. I would grow these plants specifically because they are also native to my biome, and apart from that they are simply delicious when used in a turkey dinner. As I stated before, I would not use any pesticides or insecticides because if I am going to be growing my own food, I want it all natural, and also because it's healthier when its organic.

A mode of transportation I would have parked in my driveway would have to be hands down, a horse. Obviously I can't exactly have it "parked" in my driveway, I would have to have a stable for it and take care of it. But I would have to choose a horse because it doesn't emit any harmful gasses that auto-mobiles emit, and because it's simply beast.

Waste management systems I would include in my home would be almost all environmentally friendly, recycle bins for pop cans, plastic, and paper, and compost bins. If there is any trash that is not recyclable, then I will try and find other uses for them.

An endangered species that I would have to sponsor at my local zoo would have to be the polar bear. Now although this a common choice, the polar bears deserve it, I took there land away from them and made it my home, the least I could do would be to sponsor them, for what I took, and for what other people are doing to cause destruction to their habitats.

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Three toxic chemicals that are found in my home are ammonia, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric acid. These toxic chemicals can be found in household items such as detergent, floor and furniture polish, paints, and various cleaning products for glass, wood, metal, ovens, toilets, and more.

The element phosphorus can be found on the periodic table in row 3, group 15. Phosphorus is a non-metal element.

The Characteristics of Electricity

For my home, I will use wind energy, this source is sustainable because it is renewable, and does not emit any harmful gasses, and will most likely be a main source of energy for future generations.

To make my house more energy efficient, I will do simple things as using the sun as a heating source instead of a heater. All though it doesn't seem like much, overtime it will save lots of energy.

The types of appliances that I am going to use in my house would have to be majority "Energy Star" labeled. In this case that would mean refrigerators, washing and drying machines, and cooktops. I would choose "Energy Star" because it has the least energy consumption, which would make it better for the environment, and a less electric bill.

I would use fluorescent light bulbs because they are more energy efficient, which means they are providing the same amount of light for less energy. Also they have a longer life span then incandescent bulbs.

The Study of the Universe

Two things that space exploration made that I would include in my home would be one, freeze-dried food because you never know, the zombie apocalypse can happen. And two, voice-controlled wheelchairs because sometimes I just don't want to walk. NASA used freeze-dried meals for the Apollo missions, and after the mission the meals still contained 98% of its nutritional value. The voice-controlled wheelchair was created by NASA for tasks of exploring other planets, not in the form of a wheelchair, but other forms similar to the Mars rover.