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Civil Rights Leaders


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. believed that people needed to be treated equally and that every individual, no matter what skin color is entitled to the same rights as everyone else and is truly equal. His way of protesting against segregation and unequal treatment was through a peaceful manner that many people understood. His beliefs were peaceful, his message was peaceful, and most importantly his actions were peaceful. I believe that Dr. Martin Luther King had the most effectiveness throughout his fight for equality.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X was also a great man who went through a lot and definitely learned from all his experiences and grew. Malcolm X also believed that African Americans needed better treatment, protection and rights which he was willing to speak for and risk almost anything for. He supported Martin Luther King Jr. For the most part except he thought that the African Americans were not going to receive equal treatment by only being peaceful. He saw what some white people were doing to his people like kidnapping them, then killing them, beating them, false accusations against them, abuse in all forms possible, and just a total lack of respect and to him it hurt. To counter those actions he wanted to use the iron fist to deal with those problems, in other words taking a more violent approach to equal rights. I believe that Malcolm X ranks second for overall effectiveness.
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Elija Muhammad

I ranked Elija Muhammad last because his beliefs in my opponion were very wrong. He believed that the white people were all horrible people and that segregation needed to stay so the African Americans were separated from them. I think that segregation was a major problem and that the only way to fix it, was to face the problem and work it out and fix it, not isolate each other because I believe that only causes more tension and unfairness.
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