Fruzen Forecast

January 20 - January 26, 2020

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What's Happening This Week?

Monday, January 20: (A7)


Tuesday, January 21: (B8)

Wednesday, January 22: (A9)

  • Early Release Day (School Dismisses at 2:15pm) *ALL Students MUST be picked up no later than 2:30pm, unless they are enrolled in our CLC program OR they are enrolled in our Falcon's Nest Program. Contact the main office at (608) 361-2005 for additional information regarding either of these programs.

Thursday, January 23: (B0)

Friday, January 24: (A1)

Maps Testing

Our winter MAPs testing has begun! Students at Fruzen will be testing during the month of January. Please ask your child's teacher for specific dates and times. If you know your child will be testing, please make sure they are getting plenty of rest, a good breakfast and lots of encouragement! We can't wait to see how much our students grow from their test in the fall!

Arrival & Dismissal

Because student safety is one of our top priorities, here are a few reminders about our Arrival & Dismissal Procedures at Fruzen.

*Please do NOT drop your students off in the inner lanes of traffic. This is causing major delays and it is extremely unsafe. Please pull to the curb, let your student out of the car, then pull into the inner lanes to leave.*


  • When students arrive on campus, they need to report to their assigned doors. (Grades 4-6: Door 9 | Grades 7-8: Door 4).
  • Students should NOT arrive before 8:00am, as there is no supervision outside prior to that time.
  • Students are let into the buildings at 8:10am through their designated doors. Staff will remain at those doors to open them until 8:20am.
  • If students arrive after 8:20am, they should enter through the main entrance.
  • Please keep in mind that school starts promptly at 8:20am. Please bring your student early enough to allow them to get into the building, get to their locker and be seated in their first hour by 8:20am.


  • Students are expected to exit through their assigned doors. NO students are allowed to exit through the main entrance.
  • Please have your child picked up by 4:00pm. There is NO supervision after this time and students will need to remain outside (not in the vestibule).

*If you need before or after school care beyond the above listed times, please contact the main office. They will provide you will information about our CLC program which is open from 7:15am-5:30pm. There is even a bussing option after school!

Behavior Focus

This week, we would like to focus on helping students get into the learning mindset once they arrive at school. Here are some things we are working on with students:

  • Get to class on time!
  • Stay in the classroom and out of the hall during learning time.
  • Limit bathroom trips during learning time; use your passing time for this instead.
  • Make sure that you are turning in assignments on time and always try your best!

Anonymous Bullying Reporting

At times, we receive information regarding bullying situations at Fruzen. We take these reports seriously and investigate when we receive information. If your child comes home and tells you about a situation that you feel is concerning, here are a few things to ask your student which will make it easier for us to investigate:

  • Did you report this to anyone at school? If so, who?
  • What happened?
  • Where did this happen?
  • Who was involved?
  • Did anyone witness this happen?
  • How often has this happened?

We also wanted you to be aware of a tool that is available on the School District of Beloit website. Click HERE to make an anonymous bullying report.

Dress Code

Each quarter, we like to send out a quick reminder of some dress code expectations. These are things that are NOT allowed to be worn in the classroom:

  • No Backpacks
  • No Fanny Packs, Purses, etc.
  • No Jackets or Coats

Please help remind your student of these expectations. We understand that as temperatures drop, students may get cold throughout the day. If this is the case, your student may wear a sweatshirt in class. It might be a good idea for them to bring one to school and keep it in their locker for those extra cold days!

Possible School Closings

As the weather brings bitter cold and snow, there may be days where school needs to be closed. Before this happens, take some time to read the district's webpage HERE. They explain how the decision is made, as well as where to find closing information.

Time to Bundle Up!!

With the weather getting cold, please remember to send students with coats, gloves, hats, snow pants and boots! ALL grades have at least one recess per day and are expected to go outside (unless the temperature drops below the district mandated threshold). If you need assistance getting these items for your student, please contact Student Services at (608) 361-2006.

Yearbooks for Sale!

Did you order your 2019-2020 Fruzen Yearbook yet? If not, stop by the main office and order one for $16.