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Puberty is a cycle of change that effects all human beings. It is a part of transition from a child to an adult. It is a process of physical changes and is experienced in different ways depending on each individual. Puberty is triggered by hormone signals from the brain in order for your body to begin developing.

When- Girls

You can't control when puberty happens because your body does it automatically. Everyone is different so of course the ages vary as well, for girls the rough ages that your body is developing and you might notice some changes is around from 10-14 years of age. Again, if you're not in that timeframe, then don't worry because everyone is different!

The amount of time that your period lasts:

Your period doesn't have a certain time for it, but a rough length in general. Menstruation lasts for around about 3-7 days but can vary with different people and there health.

Note: Girls tend to reach puberty earlier than boys do.

When- Boys

As well as the girls, boys can't control puberty. Girls usually reach it earlier than boys but boys tend to get it from 9/10-14 years of age.

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The effects of puberty can all vary as it depends on what things you are going through and what is happening to you during the stage of puberty, an example of one of the effects is during the girls menstruation cycle; sometimes you may get some stomach cramps during your period which is all normal so don't worry there is some easy ways to prevent that from happening.

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Emotional changes -

During puberty, some emotional changes will occur like sexual feelings, and mood swings. This is totally normal for these to occur so DON'T STRESS!

  • Sexual feelings
Puberty is also a phase where you overcome sexual feelings. It may occur while watching a television show or reading a romantic novel. This is called sexual maturity. Its absolutely, totally normal to feel this way and you shouldn't feel guilty for it. If you do have questions then it is best to go to someone who you feel comfortable talking to about this.

  • Mood swings
You may have recently experienced changes to your mood. For example, today you may seem happy or confident then change in a short period of time to irritated and angry. This occurs as your hormones are shifting and other changes are taking place. You should tell a parent or guardian because then they will guarantee to not scream at you when you lose your temper.

As puberty is taken place these things may happen to you and more things can happen to you like conflicting thought, or feeling uncertain of yourself. if these feeling and thoughts do occur then talk to someone like a parent.

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Physical changes


  • Menstruation cycle
  • Hip shape changes - hips widen to suit shape of baby when pregnant
  • Develop breasts


  • Voice deepens - Adams apple grows larger
  • Wet dreams - sexual desires or dreams causes semen to ejaculate from penis
  • Erection - sexual desires cause penis to erect and enlarge
  • Shoulder / chest shape changes - shoulders broaden
  • Facial hair develops


  • Transition from childhood to adult hood
  • Eat more
  • Developing more maturity
  • Develop pubic hair
  • Growth spurts
  • Pimples / acne

What is menstruation

Menstruations, also known as periods is a time where blood flows out of the vagina in order for an egg to be released. It is one of the many physical signs that a girl is developing into a woman. About 2 and a half years after a girl goes through puberty, she will receive her period.G It occurs monthly and many people experience it in different ways depending on the individual health status. People that are overly active experience their period later unlike inactive women who will most likely receive it earlier.

Menstruation cycles


The egg is released from the ovaries and travels through the fallopian tubes. If the egg hasn't been fertilised, it dies and enters the uterus. The egg is surrounded by blood and tissues it continues to travel through the vagina with the blood which starts your period.

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Pads, Tampons and Liners

Pads can be used in everyday life as they are easy to change and you can wear them on your underwear. There are different sizes of pads and what size you wear all depends on how much blood flow you may be getting, for example if it is in the early days of your period you might wear a super or heavy pad to absorb more blood on those heavy days and then there are regular pads for maybe the 3rd - 5th day of your period where you are having not too much blood flow. There is also such pads that can be used for the night time in bed for example where they are extended at the back or the front depending on whether you lie on your back or stomach when sleeping to provide more protection to your undies
Tampons may be used when you might be exercising to provide more comfort compared to a pad, because a pad could rub on your skin and cause discomfort. You can also wear a tampon when swimming because then you will not be able to see the pad sticking out and they are more hygienic when in the water.
Liners are made to be used when you are either not sure if you are about to get your period so to protect your underwear just in case or you may like to use a liner on those very last days of the period where there is almost no blood coming out but there is still see-able

Tips on using Pads, Tampons and Liners

  • Always remember to change these regularly for hygiene reasons (try changing them at least every 4 hours).
  • It doesn't really matter what brand you are using as long as you are comfortable in them and you like what you are using so if one of your parents is maybe buying you a brand that you don't like just tell them because after all it is your body you are putting these near and in.
  • If you are using a tampon make sure once you have taken it out of the packet try to put it on straight away as it is being put into the air and then put on so you don't want to be putting the germs floating around in the air into because it could potentially harm you.
  • Make sure you always wash your hands after going to the bathroom to change you pad, tampon or liner to keep nice and fresh.
  • Shower regularly as walking around with the pad, tampon or liner can create an odour and make you smelly.
  • throw the used pad, tampon or liner away as soon as possible, again all for hygiene reasons and also so that it doesn't create a bad smell in the room.

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  • One way of getting rid of those harsh stomach cramps is to take aregular pain killer like a Nurofen or specific period medication such as, Naprogesic
  • Taking regular showers to prevent odour
  • Changing pads, tampons and liners regularly
  • ask lots of questions
  • respect your body
  • accept your body
  • if you feel sad, bad, or totally weird, talk to someone!
  • give your parents a chance

People that can help

When puberty occurs, people find it difficult to express how they are feeling and the difficulty they are going through. Puberty, depending on each individual, can be a time of stress and pain. Talking to people about your difficulties and issues will allow others to help and understand. Adults have also been through what you are or have and can give advice and tips. Always talk to a trusted adult, friend, sibling or relative when you feel you can use some help!

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Social changes -

Lately you may have been noticing that your "posse" has been acting a little strange...

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Everyone goes through this phase, but don't worry, they won't be like this all the time. they just overcome this silly disease they makes you change your

  • Peer pressure
During puberty, your friends and yourself may overcome a stage where you are influenced by social media. You might pick up what is 'in' and 'out' terms and this causes for you to sometimes change your likes and dislikes.

You may feel uncomfortable at times. Sometimes it will leave a gap between what is perceived as appropriate to your friends and parents.

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