Paraguay, South America

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The Iguaza Fall

The Iguaza Falls is a great place you should go too. If you have a family or a if you are with that special someone.
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Stuff to do

~You could visit The Great Paraguay River

~Meet some of the locals

~The Money Exchange building to trade U.S.A. money for their money.

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The Major City

You could go and visit the major city of Asuncion. There you could see their national capitol building. Learn about their special people in history, and if you get lucky see/meet their president.
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The Things They Do For Fun

The kids and adults do alot of stuff for fun but you could come join them and learn how to play soccer and volleyball. Their favorite sport there is soccer they also have a great professional soccer team.
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Hot Spots

They have great restaurants to eat at. They also have big and beautiful hotel and resorts.