Green Alternatives

Faucet Filter

What is a faucet filter?

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Three different green alternatives

  1. Faucet Filter
  2. Water Pitcher
  3. Replacement Filters

How will each alternative affect the environment and the house?

Faucet Filters:

  • Environment: By using a filter for a year , it will get rid of thousands of plastic water bottles.
  • House: The filter will intercept:
  1. Pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, mood stabilizers,and hormones)
  2. Industrial pollutants
  3. Microbial cysts (animal feces)
  4. Chlorine
Water Pitchers:
  • Environment: Some filters can be recycled when done using.
  • House: A filter cost 3 cents per liter instead of 44 cents per liter for bottled water.
Replacement Filters:

  • Environment: It will save you from buying a whole new faucet filter every time it needs a replacement.
  • House: They are cheap!

How will this be used in my house project?

I will incorporate it in the kitchen, only. I will put the water pitcher in the refrigerator.

I will put the faucet filter on the faucet in the sink, along with the replacement filters.


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