Identity theft

Katie Farmer

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What is identity theft?

Identity theft is stealing someone else's identity and using the information to steal money.

Ways to protect yourself

  1. Shred all personal/private documents
  2. Secure your email
  3. Do not leave a paper trail
  4. Know who you are talking/ dealing with
  5. Be defensive with personal information
  6. Monitor your credit report
  7. Create strong passwords

Ways people can steal your identity

  1. Open credit card accounts in your name
  2. Steal your personal identity number (PIN) from an ATM or gas station
  3. Cloning credit card information from restaurants where you swipe your card
  4. Dumpster diving (when someone looks through another persons trash in search for personal information)
  5. Phishing (scamming through phone calls, emails, and/or fake websites)
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What to do if your identity is stolen

  1. Call company where you know fraud has occurred
  2. Place a fraud alert and get your credit report
  3. Report identity theft to the FTC
  4. File a report with local police department
  5. Close new accounts opened in your name
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LifeLock is an identity theft protection service. LifeLock Starts at $9.99 a month and goes up to $29.99 a month. LifeLock guarantees to spend up to $1 million dollars to hire the right people to restore your identity.
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Additional information

  1. Medical identity theft is becoming more popular.
  2. Even children are at risk of identity theft. It is most common with foster children.
  3. According to the BMI, in 2014 more than one billion personal record were leaked.