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Back to School Time with a Record-Breaking August!!!

I hope everyone with school-aged kids had a smooth start to the new school year. I officially have a Kindergartener... that's still hard for me to believe. Oh, and football has FINALLY started! Praise Jesus!! Oh, and Aggie football starts THIS WEEKEND!!! Whoop!! :-)

And WOW!!! Our team continues to grow and break volume records month over month!!! August was exciting for me personally because I got to attend a Leadership Dinner in Houston with some of the top people in the Company! I also earned a gorgeous Kate Spade wallet from the Doctors just for washing my face and talking about it. THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers that continue to use our products and support me in this business.

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The car seats are coming out.... Let's GO, Ladies!

A couple weeks ago I found out that Corporate is coming to Beaumont (YAY!!!!) to do a Business Presentation because they see SO much potential in this area!! SO..... I'm taking the car seats OUT and want to load up my Expedition with ladies who are interested in jumping on board this exciting adventure! I already have a few seats taken, but who else is in??? It will be a fun and informative night with no pressure! Just come, have a glass of wine, listen, and learn! You'll never know if this could be a great fit for you if you don't check it out! If you missed my flyer about the event, you can check it out HERE. Even if you just want a FREE night out of the house, come on! We'd love to have you!
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Product Spotlight - UNBLEMISH

Send your kiddos back to school with confidence & a beautiful complexion this year. With a 60-day money back guarantee you literally have nothing to lose but bad acne! So many adults, especially women, still have hormonal breakouts. Use UNBLEMISH every morning to help keep things in check! Let me help you or your loved one.

Kelly Patel's Transformation

Her written story is long (and I'm happy to share with anyone interested), but in short, she struggled with occasional breakouts in her teens and then by 25 her sporadic acne morphed into cystic acne (the painful, HUGE red sore bumps under her skin). She literally tried EVERYTHING..... "In 2014 I hit my lowest point. I was depressed, I was embarrassed, I became withdrawn — as much as I loved people I didn’t want to be around ANYONE….not even my family. I didn’t want to leave my house, when I did I wanted to wear a brown paper bag over my head. I had allowed my acne to completely cripple me. I thought the only thing people would see when they looked at me was the acne and NOT me as the real person I was. But wait! Who was I? I didn’t even recognize myself, I had allowed my struggle and insecurities to change who I was as a person — who was I?!?!?! I experienced low-self esteem…I was withdrawn…anti-social…insecure….I was spiraling downward, down a dark road — this was NOT who I WAS, this is NOT the life I was destined for, this was NOT who God designed and wired me to be.

I continued to research treatments and solutions. In March of 2014 I stumbled across Rodan + Fields. On May 31, 2014 I purchased the UNBLEMISH Regimen. I’m sure you are wondering why I waited — I waited because I was skeptical…is this really going to work? …I’ve already purchased sooo many products that have not worked why purchase another one? Why did I purchase it —> because I kept going back to it. It was this gut feeling I couldn’t suppress “this is going to work and it’s going to change your life”.

My skin now, OMGosh!!!!! It’s AMAZING!!!!! It’s smoother…it’s softer…it’s brighter!!!!.... I can say that I NOW walk out my house with my head held high with confidence knowing that the person I’m destined to be will SHINE rather than be lost in the darkness of fear!!

My greatest hope is my story, my testimony, my truth, my victory will give hope and inspiration to others

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Countdown to Convention!!!

In TWO weeks I'll be in Austin for Rodan + Fields Annual Convention!! Last year in Atlanta was SO fun and inspiring!! This year the doctors are going to "SPARK" something big here in Texas! I can't wait to find out what's in store for the next year!
I'm so excited for some of the Corporate events taking place while we are there, but also for a team Wine Tour that I qualified for and for a couple team dinners at some of Austin's best restaurants! It will be so fun to network with the other #bossbabes on our team!
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Listen In....

Curious about what an R+F business is all about??? Anonymously plug into a short call to learn why Rodan + Fields is giving Estée Lauder, Lancome and Clinique a run for their money. Learn about the powerful partnership between the Doctors and people like YOU. You'll learn why the Today show said that in our business "the possibilities are limitless." And you'll learn what this can mean for you.

RFX Leader Romi Neustadt, a former lawyer and PR exec and a mom of two very busy kids, will give you a comprehensive view of what this is -- and what it isn't -- and how someone like you can build a business of your very own. She and her husband John head up a $5 Million Circle team, which means tens of millions of dollars have been paid out to their downline. Romi will explain how this turn-key business has enabled their team members to reach and surpass their life goals and how you can too.

Like what you hear or want to get the conversation started on how you can be a part of this growing company, let's talk!

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Food for Thought....

A lot more people are asking about Rodan + Fields, but so often I hear, "I'm just not a salesperson" or "I'm too busy." Here's some food for thought…

1. Your dog pooped on your 10+ year old carpet, so you asked your friends what local company to use. You were super happy with the price & service so you tell the next person looking for a carpet guy who to call. ✔Sold
2. You tried out out the new restaurant in town and it was delicious, so you Instagrammed it and told your best friend to take her hubby there for a date. Lots of friends tried it out because it looked good. ✔Sold
3. You saw a friend post about a book you HAVE to read, so you buy it and end up doing the same thing because it was that awesome (I'll be doing this soon... Jen Hatmaker's "For the Love"!) ✔Sold
4. You posted a picture of something you made and everyone loved it and before you know it you have so many people in line wanting your stuff (This is happening to me right now with my dresses/rompers!) The same goes for if you find a great deal at Zulily or or whatever. ✔Sold
5. You posted a pic of your monogrammed Yeti tumbler or water bottles. Friends asked where you got them, went to that vendor and ordered some for yourself! I've seen this like crazy with those awesome Cricut machines! ✔Sold
6. You posted pics from your family vacation and several people ask where you stayed and if you liked it. ✔Sold

7. You're new to town and need help finding childcare. You turn to your FB friends for suggestions. ✔Sold

Want to know what the big (and ONLY) difference is... YOU didn't get paid for those referrals.

✔Carpet company did.
✔Your favorite restaurant did.
✔Amazon did.
✔The other businesses did.

✔Your other friend who makes it did.
✔The hotel did.

✔The daycare/babysitter did.

Do you wash your face? Do you share referrals when you like a service or a product? Then utilize the most results-driven skincare on the market & join our team of "not salespeople" and watch your life change in so many ways. I've got two kiddos, full-time job, a sewing hobby that's transitioning into a business, and R+F. I've mastered how to work this business around my everyday life without it taking away from my family. It REALLY TRULY does not consume that much of my time. You really just have to find 5-10 minutes here and there and you can! I promise! You can do this around a full time job, busy life, children, school… many of my partners do. This business has completely changed my life.... why not yours? If you've ever thought of learning more, message me, it's time to talk!

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