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April 9, 2021

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What is Bullying?

Is it being rude, mean, or is it bullying?

Reports regarding bullying are taken seriously on our campus. Teachers and administration investigate them thoroughly. No one has the right to create an imbalance of power or to make anyone feel unsafe on our campus.

It is so important for adults and children to know the differences between being rude, mean, and bullying. We hope to provide our parents with some helpful information to support what we discuss at school as well.

We highly encourage you to watch the following video with your child: Rude, Mean or Bullying

Rude = Inadvertently saying or doing something that hurts someone else.

Mean = Purposefully saying or doing something to hurt someone once (or inconsistently).

Bullying = Intentionally aggressive behavior, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power.

Strategies to empower your child

We thank you for your continued support as we challenge all those around us to be respectful, kind, and accepting.

The Power of Social Media

We would also like to remind parents to monitor your child’s use of social media and messaging. Know your child’s passwords to all accounts, have your own account on that social media platform, and monitor it daily. This is your right and responsibility as a parent (you probably own the phone/device your children are using). Below is an article for reference.

How Tech Experts Monitor Their Teens on Social Media

I sat down with my 14 and 17 year-old children and watched, "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix. While they were annoyed that I made them watch it, the documentary brought about some interesting conversations about their well-being as well as how to be so much more guarded and thoughtful on their social media accounts. It is a huge responsibility and may even be a liability. Using a social media platform requires a large amount of maturity, awareness, and monitoring.

Our children really need our support, which starts with our guidance and supervision of their activities on social media.

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