By: Hannah S.


The tittle makes me think that if this person could do anything the would.


This person is saying that he wants to stop these things from happening and if he does he will not lie in vain.


The person may be unhappy or may want to help others but doesn't know how.


The writer is longing for happiness and and wanting to help because it says: "If I can stop one heart from breaking.", "If I can ease one life the aching.", "Or cool on pain.", "If i could help a fainting robin unto his nest again." and the writer is also wanting to not live in vain.


The shift for me in the story is when the writer said, "I shall not live in vain." The writer probably wanted o be happier and help make others happy.


The tittle change for me is that the writer wants to make people happy as well as make themselves happy if they could do these things in the poem like the line If I could help a fainting robin unto his nest again.


The theme that the writer is probably trying to give is that if you want to help and you can don't back down from it stand up and help even if it's a tiny baby robin.