Principal's Perspective

Volume 8 12-3-15

Hello Skyline Family!

November ended on such a positive note! We wrapped up last month with a very successful PBIS Celebration Assembly, where we celebrated all of our students who exemplify the trait of caring. We make a point to appreciate our students daily, and the hard work, effort, and IB qualities that they bring to school every day.

Safety Drill

I want to inform all families that we have a scheduled lock-down drill planned for next week. With recent media around tragic events, it can seem difficult to discuss the need for these drills with students. However, it is necessary that we practice safety procedures at school regularly. We have a responsibility to teach all students a plan to keep themselves safe during an emergency.

Along with that, I understand that lock-down drills can be both scary and disturbing to some students. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to discuss this reality with your children ahead of time, and allow them time to share concerns and ask questions. The best defense we have is to be prepared. Teachers will be discussing our safety protocol in their classrooms, and ensuring that the content and language around lock-downs are age appropriate and that students feel safe. I have also encouraged teachers to allow time for questions as they come up.

Another piece of related information that I would like to share at this time is awareness of our planned reunification location. Skyline's reunification site is the Volunteer Fire Station located down the road from us on Skyline Blvd. For example, if there was a gas leak that required our students and staff to leave campus, we would all gather at the Volunteer Fire Station. This is the planned location for parents to be reunited with students once the area is safe. This is just something to keep in mind, as along with you I am hopeful that we will never need to use this plan for any reason.

Here is a helpful article I found about talking to your kids about lock down drills:

Skyline Social

Skyline Staff is very excited to host a community event on Dec. 14. We will provide crafts for kids and adults to create, cookie decorating, and time to connect as a community. Our hope is that many Skyline families will stop by to join in the fun! Looking forward to seeing you and your family there!


Going Home Plans

Thank you so much to all who have been consistently notifying the office before 1:00pm with changes in student going home plans. It is very helpful for office staff to be provided time to create a ticket to notify teachers of changes. When teachers are aware of the changes, they can guide students to the correct bus or adult pick up person.

Please continue to email Chris @ or call 503-916-5212. We do not mind making changes, but please do let us know as early as possible, with before 1:00pm being ideal. Again, thank you for all of your efforts in notifying the office about changes in going home plans!

Winter Hats

Students are encouraged to dress for winter weather every day. With this recent freezing weather, we are permitting students to wear winter hats while they are outside. We ask that students take them off when coming back into the building.

Weather Alerts

To stay up to date on weather-related closures and delays, please opt into Mobile First which is our PPS text messaging service. Simply text YES to 68453.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm!

As always, thank you for sending such awesome students to school!

Sarah Zabel


Skyline Upcoming Events

Dec. 16- Late Opening
Dec. 21- Jan. 1- Winter Break, No school
Jan. 4- Students return to school
Jan. 8-Principal's Coffee Chat @ 9:00am
Jan. 18-MLK/ Day of Service-No school
Jan. 20-Late Opening
Jan. 21-PTA/Foundation @ 6:00pm
Jan. 22- MS Winter Dance @ 1:45
Jan. 25-Planning Day- No school
Jan. 26-Site Council