Storage Devices

Internal and External Storage Devices

Internal Storage Devices

Internal means that the storage device is inside the computer and most computers have a internal storage the most common one is the hard disk. The advantage of a internal storage is that a data in the internal storage device can be processed faster than a data inside external storage devices since it is directly connected to the computer and with the internal even if it is moved around a lot it will still retain is most commonly used data. The main disadvantage of internal storage devices is when the hard disk fails if this happens all the data and the applications will be lost.

External Storage Devices

External means that the device is separate from the computer. External devices are connected to the computer with a cable plugged into a suitable interface such as USB port. The main advantage of a External Storage device is that they are portable and that means that the data is easily moved from one location to another location and they allow safe backup since they contain internally stored data. The main disadvantage of External Storage device is speed since internal storage devices is part of the computer they are faster than External Storage device in data transfer and they also take space up in the computer and constantly plunging in and out may wear out the port over time. Examples of Storage devices are DVD's, CD'S, Magnetic Tape, Portable Hard Disks, USB Stick, ZIP Drive, Memory Card reader, Media Devices and External Optical Drives

Recommendations for a Chairman

My First recommendation for a Chairman is a internal storage as they are fast and the main advantage is that they can hold a lot of data compared to other storage devices however the disadvantages of it is that it is not portable and it is hard to recover corrupt data.

My Second recommendation for a Chairman will be choosing a external storage device since if a hard disk fails he will lose all of his work but if he puts in a external storage device it is going to be safe since it is external and they are not part of the computer but external storage devices are slow compared to internal storage devices.

My Second recommendation for a Chairman will be getting a Online Storage since you may lose your external storage devices and having another backup will give you less chance of losing your data and the main advantage is that you can access the data from anywhere in the world and te main disadvantage is the amount of file space is limited unless you buy more space.

Volatile and Non-Volatile

Volatile means that the data is lost when the computer is shut down.

Non-volatile means that the data is still kept when the computer is shut down.