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If someone thinks that love is so simple this movie will show you the opposite of everything and you'll see it's not so easy to love but download for free thriller movies torrents when this nice feeling turns into obsession all things take a different turn.

“Dark Summer” kick off the summer season so the party mood and make their presence felt among the people who make and leisure plans in various locations but apparently did not enjoy the same treatment the young Daniel Austin.

It seems like summer never catches him in freedom and enjoying free time as he wants but under house arrest and that too large because of love turned into obsession on the way and the reason of the arrest is none other than Mona.

Meaning a colleague that follow her online and because he wanted to approach it as much but the love it turned into harassment and therefore got its reward to the dismay of his mother, who has to go unescorted business trip.

However it adds to the despair of not taking advantages of technology as accessories such as telephone, internet and over them were forbidden do not even know what makes Mona but fell into these small obstacles.

But not for long because by nature resourceful boy quickly find a solution to all these problems and soon connects to wireless signal and resumes his old neighbors of activity that he track all online space especially Mona.

But it seems that virtual girlfriend never left this time and handed Daniel a race that did not expect and so it is that the pursuer became the chased and now things are shaping up to be at the expense of.

With movies torrents free download his life takes a turn that did not expect that gives some creeps in when he receives some mysterious packages with all sorts of strange noises that inanimate objects are added relocate.

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